Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bubbles of Wisdom...

Circles in life...

Some of the things I have learned while living in a hotel is that we all take so many things in our lives for granted.

Simple things.

I have learned that I took for granted the ability to prepare and cook a meal for my family. I use to look at it as a chore. Now I would be very happy to have the chance to cook a meal, eat on real dishes and not have to worry about running out of paper plates and plastic utensils. I also took for granted my dishwasher. No one ever wanted to load or unload it - but now we find it challenging to wash the few items we have in the tiny bar sink or bathtub - and we keep forgetting to purchase dish soap! Using body wash tends to leave your cereal bowl a bit "over fragrant". The kids don't appreciate having their cereal taste or smell like the "sugared plum" body wash I received for Christmas!

Being "financially" challenged we know what it is like to cherish a gift certificate for hair cuts and hold on to it for months until we absolutely, positively MUST have a hair cut.

I have never been a "high maintenance" kind of gal. This has proved beneficial in a time of need. I have not been indulgent with makeup, jewelry, name brand clothing or expensive handbags.
I am jazzed when I find a coupon in a magazine for a FREE tube of mascara - perhaps a brand I have never even used. I am satisfied with the store brand face scrub or hairspray.

The one thing I did enjoy and splurged on were my nails. I loved having a set of acrylic nails and a pedicure about every 4 weeks.
I have peeled my nails off and am a bit sad when I have to look at my stubby little nails that I am keeping short so I can type faster!

We went to a pic-nic BBQ tonight and I have never looked so forward to an activity.

I worked a full day in anticipation of spending time getting to know new friends and watch the kids have fun.
We had wonderful food, lots of fun, quality fellowship and came back to our "hotel home" feeling very relaxed and happy to have gotten out.
I think we have learned to cherish our outings more.

We have been humbled and have had to learn to accept help from others. We have been forced to set pride aside and have learned to become more and more thankful each time a blessing comes along.

We look to making new beginnings as a positive thing. After all a new beginning is born because there has been an end to an old beginning.

A full circle.

We just have to make sure that we learn the lessons set forth by each circle in life. If we don't learn from our experiences we will just keep going in the same circle time and again.

Little bubbles.
Big bubbles.
Our life experiences are like blowing bubbles.
Some are small, some are big and grand.
Some pop quickly and some float along for an extended duration.

Each comes to an end and a new one is formed.

Go blow some bubbles in life and learn from each one - big or small! I know I have learned a lot from my "bubbles" and continue to do so each and every day.
For that I am a better person.
For that I am thankful.