Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home again...

A Place To Call Home . . . Again!

Leaving the Ayre's Suites in Mission Viejo yesterday with all our things was bittersweet. We really enjoyed our time there and appreciate all the love and kindness that the staff extended to us. We made some wonderful friends and will miss seeing their smiling faces each day! Thanks Dean, Didi, Marsha, Jodie, Lati, Gina, Maria H, Claudia and all the wonderful Housekeeping Staff who were so kind during our stay! We will be back to see you all and will recommend your lovely hotel to all our friends and family!

We worked long and hard and got all of our things into the apartment yesterday. We now have the dubious task of putting everything away and finding places to put each item.
Organization - organization - organization. Living on the top floor is proving to be a challenge with the kids. We are trying to teach them to "walk softly" so as to not disturb the neighbors down below. We got ready to go to bed and Turner felt a bit scared in our new place - so Mommy had to go sleep with him in his twin bed. This was a far cry from sleeping with him in a queen bed! We managed - and I only came away with a sore neck!

Waking up this morning in a new place - with all of the things we have left placed here and there - was just great. I am loving our new apartment and look forward to getting it all put together into a home. Emotions are running high as Stace is stressed. He only got to work 7 hours last week and his fears and stress over finances are forefront on his mind. I too have mixed emotions - I desire so to have a "home" but the fear creeps in. The kids are loving having their room - but Trenton is angry to have left his friends, and school next year. Taylor had a couple bad days but has been good the past couple. He is to go into outpatient rehab Monday and he helped us move things in, spent the night with us last night and got up and made breakfast. Minute by minute with him.

I have had a lot of stress lately and have been having really bad headaches. I pray that they are nothing serious and that after things settle down they will go away. I appreciate all the well wishes and emails from all of you. Yes, we do need basic items that we had to give away when we moved and will slowly be able to
replace things. I appreciate all the inquiries and offers of help. Costco, Target, Walmart, etc. gift cards would be perfect! I need to buy a vacuum cleaner, dishes, silverware, towels, sheets, spices, etc. It will all come together. We will have a greater appreciation for this home. You have no idea what it is like until you do not have one. The things we take for granted...

Well - off to find coffee - we forgot to bring the coffee pot over from my mom and dad's! If you know Stace and I, we love our morning cup of coffee! If you want to come help me organize - let me know! I'll post pics in the next day or so and show you some of the crafts that the kids and I made using recycled materials! Gotta love getting creative!

Off to have a productive day!
Have a fabulous Holiday Weekend!