Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make your own joy!

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain...

We all have our melancholy days. Sometimes for no apparent reason. I think I am tired, overstimulated and need to take a breather. This is quite hard to do when you are moving, unpacking, organizing, tending to 4 kids and a husband.

Today I stayed in my pajamas and did - a little of this and a little of nothing. I was bummed to find out my parents went on a trip - just when I was gonna enlist my mom's help with organizing my home and asking if I could come over to do my laundry! I hate when I make plans, set my mind to something and they do not work out. I need to stop this! Organizing and laundry...will just have to wait!

So I did a little cleaning, picking up - then a little bit of nothing.

I read a magazine - cuddled with my boys and watched some HGTV.

Listening to the birds sing, catching the ocean breeze coming in the windows, feeling the sun on my face...brought me JOY.

We watered the plants on the patio. I talked to my best friend.

Here I still sit, in my pajamas. I now need to be a mom - do my "job" and drive to my kids schools in RSM. Turner needs to be tested for his IEP and Trenton needs to be picked up.

Back to "my reality"...

I will take my computer, have a Passion Fruit tea at Starbucks with Trevan and we will make it an adventure.

I am okay. I can make my own joy. I decided to appreciate the simple things, like sweet passion fruit tea...yum! Starbucks here I come! Hurry back mom - I want you to put your "touches" on our place - you always have great ideas!

Only I am in control of my happiness - off to make some!

I think I am okay with that!