Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surprises and motivation!

We LOVE mail! I went to get the mail the other day and what a SURPRISE Turner received from Warner Bros. Entertainment! They sent him the Lego Battles game for the Nintendo DS! Oh - to have seen the look on his face - it was priceless!!

Only problem is - we do not have a Nintendo
DS! That won't stop Turner! He at his wise age of almost 6 years old decided that he needs to sell things to get money to buy one! He came up with the idea of making cookies and cupcakes to sell, drawing "art" to sell and "other stuff".

His motivation warms my heart! Having a brother just 13 months younger means that they together will have to sell things and save to get TWO Nintendo
DS systems! SHARE? Well - that is just not a word in their vocabulary. Try as I may - that is a battle royal! COMPETITION is more the word that describes that!

I am glad that I am raising boys that come up with solutions instead of seeing things as an overwhelming mountain. Life's lessons.

We are all loving our new apartment. It is coming along. In time we will get some dressers and nightstands to house some of our clothing and things will be more organized. I am having a great time tending to plants on my porch, making decor with the kids out of creative mediums and feeding the songbirds with bread, peanut butter and bird seed. Simple things.

Last weekend we had our first dinner guest and had a great time. The kids loved entertaining and being able to BBQ and sit outside. We made corn on the cob on the grill - and they were in heaven!!

When you are forced to go without - it is amazing the appreciation you develop for the small things in life! We have not gone out too much to eat the past year and last night I stopped to take the boys for Milk Shakes at Knollwood's . They were just precious taking their mugs of milkshakes and raising them in the air shouting "CHEERS!" They "clinked" their mugs together with a huge grin and drank like there was no tomorrow!

As we left - they both thanked me for taking them and told me what a good time they had!
That - warms a mom's heart! Appreciation. Gratitude. Thanksgiving.

I think we all need to take a step back in this beautiful world that we have been blessed with and give God a little appreciation, gratitude and thanks! After all - if it were not for the little things in life there would be a lot less big things and perhaps no smiles!

Have a wonderful day - I pray the sun is shining on you! We have June Gloom here - but that's okay - we know the sun is just behind the clouds! It gives us something to look forward to!