Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taylor Update

THIS IS MY TAYLOR before he was ever introduced to DRUGS...
nearly 6 years ago... age 13 with Turner.

Taylor a couple years later - age 15 - after he started using.

Taylor almost 17 with Trevan.

My Boys This Past Christmas...
Taylor age 18.

New updates on Taylor -
Taylor is at UCI Medical Center - we will have a "family meeting" tomorrow to discuss his care plan. The Social Worker there is checking into both Medi-Cal and CASH PAY only programs to get him his high school diploma and rehab both Drug and Mental.

The County Social Worker is putting the wheels in motion to grant him a court ordered Conservator - someone who will be appointed for his well being - besides us. It is not recommended that the parents be a Conservator - but we can be legal Guardians in partnership with the Court Ordered Conservator.

We have not been to see him in UCI as yet - I think it is good to let him have time alone with his thoughts. Diversions are not always a good thing as we know when we need to do some deep soul searching.

Pray for his wisdom and his enlightenment - and pray for ours as well.
I will update you tomorrow!