Friday, June 26, 2009

When is the end?

I write to you now from the Intensive Care Unit at Kaiser Irvine. Last night at around 7:00pm Taylor was released from UCI Medical Center's Psych ward. He was to come to our home and stay a week then pursue care in Arizona while living with his Uncle. The Social Worker and the Doctor had worked out a care plan involving us, him and his uncle. Everyone felt good about this plan.

Taylor came home and things were fine. At about 10:30 he started slurring his words, his face ashen and he did not make sense. He then collapsed. We called 911 and in minutes help arrived. We were taken to Kaiser as it was the closest facility.

Taylor has been unconscious since last night - with a few moments of "coming to". He is disoriented when he wakes and makes no sense. His heart rate upon admission was 168 and his blood pressure was sky high. They ran tests to rule out a stroke, heart attack or brain bleed.

Right now he is still unconscious and his heart rate is very low. He needs to be medically stabilized - but Kaiser is wanting to move him since we are not Kaiser members. We are waiting to hear what hospital he will be transferred to. UCI is the Hospital of choice. They want to take him to Orange Coast Hospital. Pray he gets the right treatment.

I have had no sleep and am quite numb.
Please pray us at this time.