Sunday, July 26, 2009

iWonder - Summer Spectacular is Here!

I am so excited that my boys will be going to Summer Spectacular this week at Saddleback Church! Thanks to some lovely people who have donated to the scholarship fund - my 2 boys will be attending! Trenton is going to be a Crew Leader for the 1st Graders - and will be in with Turner. This will be their first experience and I am excited for them!

People have been working for months and 3000 kids will attend. We are so blessed to belong to such a wonderful church! I remember still - going when I was a kid, to Vacation Bible School. Now it is my lil sprouts turn! I can't wait to hear of their adventures.

It was such a pleasure to be on campus tonight and see all the people working and putting all the finishing touches on this AWESOME Event!

Thanks to Scott Santos - who spent time tonight chatting with Trenton and I. Scott figured out recently that he and I graduated from Uni in '85 and we both knew a ton of the same people! Here we have know each other in a church setting for a couple years and we actually knew of each other over 20 years ago! I love the Santos Family - they are all just filled with the love of God. We will be seeing you all - on Saturday nights - 6:30pm - Overdrive - I promise!! Lil Trevan is in love with lil Kelly - just think if he can figure out a way to "make her fall in love with him" we could become in-laws one day!!

Trenton came home from his l o n g stay in Salinas with my brother and my nephew, Brenton. He has L O N G hair, a deep voice and has grown inches and inches. He left a 13 year old and came back acting like he is 20 now! I will have to jerk a knot in his tail - as my mama says. Hopefully being at Church all week and serving - will knock him back on track. We can only hope!

I am not tired - but need to go to bed so I can wake early and get the kids ready for their big week. I am doing as Scott said - "throwing my hands in the air" and giving it all to God. Taylor has court on Thursday and worrying what the outcome will be will not help any of us. Tonight Scott gave me the visual...he threw his hands in the air and said to me - "What can you do? It is all in God's Hands..." - he is so right. I know it. Having him TELL me - wow. We do need a lil nudging from time to time - God is amazing. So, Scott - if you are reading this - thanks for "being Jesus with skin on" to us tonight. We look forward to spending more time with you all.

Off to the land of nod - I pray that I will be in peaceful slumber tonight. I will pray first for all the fearless leaders who will entertain and take care of all the young hearts and souls this week at Church. Bless you all! What an incredible week this will be!