Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today is a day I actually wish it was a Rainy Day!  I feel like staying in all day and just editing the photos from the session above.  I get in my "creative moods" and want to do nothing except sit in my jammies and create storyboards and montages!

But it is not raining today.  Today is suppose to be clear, and warm.  A beautiful day in Southern California.  It is on days like these that I feel bad for staying in to edit.  I long to be out in the warm sun letting my boys enjoy the nice weather.

Perhaps I can do a little of both today!  The best of both worlds.

The weatherman is calling for temps in the 80's by Friday!  Wow!  Not too much like Christmas time when you are in shorts and flip flops!  But I am not going to complain!

Perhaps we can have an afternoon at the beach!

Sounds good.  Tomorrow Trevan sings at school and Friday Turner goes Caroling at a Senior Center while Trevan has a Holiday Party.  I want to clone myself to be in both places!

The life of a mother.

But Today is - Today.

I will focus on the here and now and go forth and be productive!
Have a great day today and I'll check in with you TOMORROW~