Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who could ask for more?

My Rosebud and my Bitty Bee

What a beautiful day in January!  Blue Topaz colored skies, gentle warm breeze blowing, trees with leaves still changing to their fall colors.  I am in heaven!  I am missing my 2 nieces (and my nephies too).  I took the boys to the lake after school today.  "Swan Lake" is what we call it.  Their school is a stone's throw from The North Lake here in Woodbridge.  It is beautiful.  A large bridge with a gazebo and a kiddie park on the shore situated next to a beach.

We took junk foods that I cleared out of the cabinet and tried to lure the elusive swan from it's slumber in the sun.  We tossed corn chips to the ducks from the bridge and the swan became curious.  She then entered the water with the grace that only a swan possesses and glided gently over to check out the menu.  When we broke out the granola with fruit bits that had gotten pushed to the back of the cabinet and was a bit stale for my palate, she became excited.  She flapped her wings and honked at the ducks to insure that she had plenty for her consumption.

I took a seat on a nice bench while the kids played on the equipment.  I scanned my surrounding and took in the splendor and beauty of dozens of seagulls flying overhead.  Their white wings sparkled against the crisp blue sky.  I pointed out this magnificent sight to Trevan who chirped back "Oh Yeah!"  In that moment I missed my Bailee May and Brynnie.  My 2 nieces - the only girls in my life.  Bailee who has a keen eye and love for photography would have appreciated my vantage point.  She would have been along side me snapping photos with an old camera I gave her.

I wish that they lived closer.  I love my girl time.  Curling and brushing their hair and going shopping.  Things I do not get to enjoy with 4 boys!

In a blink they will all be grown up and I will be sad that I missed so much.  

I treasure these moments with my boys, though.  They run and jump chasing the gulls.  They climb and tumble down the slide.  Content to just be boys.  Who could ask for anything more?

I will relish in the rest of this beautiful day and perhaps we will coax daddy to walk to the lake when he gets home, this time camera in hand!

Stay tuned...I'll post photos if we do!