Thursday, September 2, 2010

And...We're Off!

My lil ones have been back to school for a month yet are still enjoying the busy days of what is left of Summer.  Birthday Parties with Snow Cones, Cupcakes, Bouncy Houses and Water Balloon Fights are sandwiched into our busy afternoons filled with Homework, Photo Shoots and Soccer Practice.  I manage to slip in a load of laundry {only to find someone poured bleach into my machine ruining my clothes... but that is another story} make a trip to the store or scribble a quick letter to Taylor. 

Today though, is a milestone in my life.  My Trenton started High School.  It hit me after I rushed out the door scampering and scurrying to get 2 boys and their backpacks in the car going down my mental checklist of which kid's class I was helping in today that I did not even make a big ta-doo about it. 

Man.  What a bad mom. 

I tried to call the house to make sure he was all set - but he was in the shower.  I started in on my husband with the "Make sure he has his schedule and did he get a lock for his locker?...Oh and what backpack will he be using because if it is the one from last year make sure he takes out the items from our Africa Trip.  Also make sure he has some money for lunch and are you taking him?  Or is he walking?"  Not allowing him to get a word in edgewise. 

I hung up and quickly made a mad dash for the school office to sign in as a Volunteer my mind whirring and wondering if my husband had answered any of the questions I had fired off.  With a shrug I went on with my duties willing my son to have a great first day of high school.  Hey, if he could get on fine in a third world country he can survive his first day of High School!

I am now home and have fed Trevan lunch, fired off a letter to the Kindergarten Class about the upcoming PTA Fundraiser, answered emails, gone back to get Turner from school, got him a snack and am now ready to tackle this week's final round of homework with two very UN-willing students.  All while waiting for my new High School Student to come home and tell me about his day. 

In the course of attempting to write this I had 2 phone calls.  One an annoying telemarketer and the other from my first born.  He sounded cheery although I had to strain to hear him and plug my free ear during our conversation.  He sounds like he is talking through an old tin can.  He informed me that he has 13 days of confinement left and was hoping I had good news on where he would go next.  Sadly I do not have any answers for him as his Public Defender is a very busy and hard to reach woman.  He ended by telling me that he loved me which is music to my ears.  It has been a long time since I could carry on a clear headed conversation with my boy, one that is not clouded with drugs and alcohol.  Such a wonderful feeling - one that I hope will continue.

It is September.  I can't believe our Summer is gone.  My long awaited Mission Trip behind me.  My kids all back to school.  My days will now be filled with driving kids to and from school, working in the classroom, field trips, room mom duties, after school play dates, Soccer Practice on Tuesdays, teaching Kids Small Groups on Wednesday nights and who knows what else!  My calendar is definitely full!

I love my boys.  I just have to be careful not to lose my self in this process of bringing them from childhood to adulthood.  If anyone has nailed this - let me know!