Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Change?

Young love.  It can change from one day to the next.  One day she loves me then next...not so much.

I love change.  I live however in a house with 5 males.  Four of which are very fond of routine.  I roll with the punches and love to switch it up a bit.  Keeps life interesting!  As we transition from Winter to Spring I feel that there are a lot of changes around the corner in both my personal and business lives. 

I am making some changes in my Photography Business that I am excited about!  I am partnering with my friend and neighbor Kristen to form a sister company to Giggle Moon Photography.  We will be launching our new company "Birdie-N-Bee" on Facebook and the Web very soon.  For now you can see some of our collaborative work on my Facebook Page...Giggle Moon on Face Book.

We are going to be doing a huge Give-Away and I have been busy preparing our site for that.  I'll let you know when it launches!  

Becoming busier with my business brings a little more stress into my home.  My kids don't like me leaving for Photo Shoots and they hate all the time I spend on my computer editing and working.  I can say that my husband is a HUGE GRUMP when I work the night away on my sofa...But hey!  At least I am home and not in a dank office until the wee hours!  Gotta find the light in the darkness!

Be prepared to see some great things around the corner!  


P.S. Hop over the The Trendy Tree House and VOTE for the pic above it is #41!  It is Shutter Love Tuesday!  Theme Hearts!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting old.

{my super hot, young, intelligent, model like friend Irini and Baby Sophia}

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have drop dead gorgeous friends that are like WAY younger than me, or the fact that I am in a month turning 44...that I am feeling really old.

Midlife Crisis?  {perhaps}  I know that all of a sudden my inner voice is screaming "CHANGE THIS and CHANGE THAT" on a daily basis.  I have things in my head that I am determined to accomplish.

Putting things in writing helps so I am spilling it here for all the world to see.  If you are my friend you will help encourage me.  If you are a foe then you can laugh if I don't succeed.  {I don't really care if you do...I am good like that}

Either it is!

For starters I am going to lose the rest of the weight that I have promised myself that I would.  Down 12 pounds so far. {yea me}  
If I could drop 10 more I'd be pleased.  15 and I'd be happy.  

My challenge is exercise.  I have the healthy eating down just fine.  I hate to exercise.  I get short of breath and sweaty. {yuk}  I know I must overcome the discomfort and push thru.  I am going to enlist the help of my uber skinny, cute and sassy friend Kristen.  She hits the gym faithfully and has not one ounce on her tiny, skinny, toned {did I say skinny} adorable little frame.  She will have to have patience with me as I am a DECADE older than her.

Okay.  That felt good.  Next my closet will receive an overhaul.  Once I am toned and fit I will discard all the old, ratty, faded loose fitting items that I try to wear to hide my muffin top.  I know I am too old to look "cute and hot" {like Irini who is 13 years younger!} but hip and trendy I can do.  No more "Look! There goes a mom of 4 boys who clearly has no style, but look at her hot friend" comments for me.  

I'll admit I am not a fan of jeans.  I can't find them to fit my short legs and hate when they are too tight in all the wrong places.  My closet is filled with "comfortable clothes".  Tees and leggings.  Capris and sweatshirts.  I live in my rainbow sandals.  High Heels are a thing of the past as I can not run in them to catch my boys.  I did recently add a pair of black polkadot kitten heels to my wardrobe and love them...{Irini there is hope}.

Sooner than later {praying that Shannon can help me this week} I will be getting a new hair doo.  I have let my hair grow out and it is in need of a new style and shape.  Thank goodness I do not have any gray hair but a nice color is in order.

Beyond my total overhaul I have things I am in dire need of.  My cell phone has quit ringing at full volume, does not alert me when I have messages and has no keyboard.  I need to get with the times and get an iPhone {on my wish list} so I can keep all my appointments at my fingertips.  This would help in in my quest to be MORE organized in my family and business lives.

I need to save for another lens for my camera, a wacom pad for editing, an awesome camera bag {I hate the one I have} and more items to make my photography business run smoother.  {all in time}

In an effort to not overwhelm my self I think I will stop here.  I think this is a good start.  I know I will never grow younger, only older.  I can, however put forth the effort to make this process easier.  With faith, hope, help from God and great friends I can and will succeed in making my goals happen!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time flies...

Whew.  Where does the time go?  It has been over a month since I have updated this blog.  Thanks for all of the kind emails checking in on me!  I have not been crushed or eaten by my 4 boys!  

Turner, Trevan and I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Sonoma.  We got the pleasure of attending Siblings Weekend at Chloe's College - SSU.  We pretended that the boys were her cousins.  It was beautiful up there and very relaxing.  My boys had a blast and flying on an airplane to get there was a special treat.  Trevan asked 1001 questions from "What is that noise" to "How long do the flyers of the plane have to go to school to learn how to fly?"  He was quite observant and did not let anything get past his inquisitive mind.  Turner on the other hand just kicked his seat back and laughed at the cartoons on the video screen.  Not a care in the world...that is him!

We were not sure we could go as everyone in the house got a round of the flu the week before we were to depart.  Kids missed school, mom spent many a night up changing the sheets and patting backs as kids got sick over the commode.  Oh!  The joys of motherhood.

Thank the Lord they got well...and I did not get it!  We did have to haul the breathing machine to Sonoma with us as Turner's asthma has kicked up again.  Not as bad as last year thank goodness!

Stace, Trenton and Taylor survived the weekend and I came home to a clean house which was a surprise!  

Taylor is doing well for the most part.  He is applying for jobs which has not been fruitful as yet.  Trenton is doing well at his new school {thank goodness or he was getting all that hair chopped off!}

I have been very busy with my photography and just finished rebuilding my website today.  I have to add some polish and change a few things but am pleased with my new look for 2011.  I am still learning my Nikon and am loving it!  My calendar is filling up with lots of appointments and I couldn't be happier for the opportunity to use my new gear.  I have my eye on a couple lenses that I am going to be saving up for.

Soon my mom and I will be departing for our trip together.  I look forward to spending some quality time with my mom.  We are cruising to Mexico for my Birthday!  Ahhhh the peace and quiet...what will I do??

Well... that is that in a nutshell.  I am alive and kickin' - just busy!  Thanks again for checkin in with me!