Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - a couple days late!

Trevan age 5

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The "sickness" infiltrated our Holiday Celebrations.  Everyone was dragging and sluggish on Thanksgiving and then lil Trevan announced at Grandma and Grandpa's that he really did not feel good.

We got him home and into bed - only to have him wake a few hours later with a high fever and a croupy cough.  He ended up in the ER the next day on his brother's birthday - sorry Trenton.

Seems the H1N1 has hit the Lindner home.  Trevan got a dose of the Tamiflu at the ER but our insurance did not cover the prescription which was $80.  The anti-nausea med was also a no-go.  Just our luck.  Taylor and Trenton also fell prey to the "sickness" - the only one semi-well is Stace.

So, we have all been sleep deprived and friends of the bathroom.  Not having a washer and dryer in my home any longer is really hard when the FLU hits.  Yuck is all I can say to that!

I had a couple photo shoots yesterday and after sleeping till almost noon today - I have been editing photos all day.  Not sleeping for 3 straight nights up with sick kids takes a toll on you!

I am pretty wiped out and wish we had another 5 day vacation.  Hopefully Turner is going to go back to school as he missed the past 2 weeks.  I hope Trenton does not have to miss school as he is already behind.

So - to back it up - We were very Thankful this Thanksgiving.  We were blessed by a family we do not even know and given a "peace of mind" for the Holidays.  This means more to us than anything!

I thank the Lord for all the Blessings He has bestowed upon us and pray that Trenton and I are able to get all the donation money we need to go to Rwanda.  I want the opportunity to do the work that God has for us and to "give back" for all that we have been given.

Off to edit more photos - here are a few from yesterday...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I just love when kids are excited about something!  Pure joy to my heart.  Trevan is so excited today about his Thanksgiving Feast at school.  I pray that I feel well enough to get ready and go up to the school to snap a few photos of this special time for him.

The excitement of the Christmas Season has put a little sparkle in their eye too.  They tell me of the things that they want Santa to bring them.  Not having the comprehension of how much things cost and not knowing that "Santa" uses mom and dad's checking account to "make their wishes come true"; I tried to explain a little bit about Christmas to them.  I told them that it was not so much about WHAT Santa could bring.  It was more about the celebration of Jesus' Birth.  That we were celebrating Jesus' Birthday.

Trevan grew very excited and said matter of fact..."Well FINALLY!  We get to meet Jesus at His Birthday Party!  We are going to have it at Grandma's!"  He then added "You better call Uncle Tony and tell him to make a VERY SPECIAL Cake!"

Kids - gotta love em!

Trenton turns 14 on Black Friday.  He has been wearing tattered tennies for months.  He did not get new clothes prior to starting school and we could not afford new shoes.  A friend sent money and asked me to get him a birthday present.  So, last night I took him to get a new pair of shoes.  

He was worse than a girl!  He could not make up his mind.  He tried on 4 pairs at one store, 2 pairs at another then 3 at the last one.  He finally decided on a pair.  They were on sale so I told him he could buy a T-Shirt to go with his new shoes.  

We came home and he laced up the shoes, tried on the shirt and then marched all around the apartment before bed.  Stopping many times to admire his new look in the mirror - he had a smile from ear to ear.
Interesting.  New shoes.  A T-Shirt.  Exciting.

When we use to have a nice income and new shoes and new clothes were a regular thing - no one got too excited.  Now that money is a rare commodity in this household the "simple necessities" of life bring joy.  

You should see how excited they get about a bottle of "AXE Body Wash" made just for men you know!  I was able to always keep them in their AXE Body Wash, Deodorant and Body Spray - back in the day.  Since finances are so tight - these things are not purchased any longer.  Recently I had a coupon and it was on sale so I got them a bottle.  You should have seen how happy they were!  
You don't know how good you have it - till you 'aint got it any more!!

So, today my son was excited to go to school wearing his new kicks and his new tee.  I was happy to see the smile on his face and the spring in his step.  He is now dreaming of a new belt and a new hat to complete his look.  Perhaps I will be able to make his dream come true...perhaps.

So, on this day, the day before Thanksgiving...I am thankful for good friends.  Friends who care enough about my family to see that my kids can get excited about the basics in life.  Thank you, Lord for Blessing us so richly with so many good people in our lives!


 Matthew 5:5 
 Blessed are the meek,
      for they will inherit the earth.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Christmas Garland Made with Fresh Cranberries and Limes

String fresh cranberries and lime slices on dental floss to create a colorful garland for the Christmas tree.

What You Need:
  • Fresh cranberries
  • Fresh limes
  • Sharp knife
  • Large needle
  • Waxed dental floss

How to Make It:
  1. Wash the cranberries and the limes. Slice the limes into thin slices. Set aside.
  2. Thread the needle with the floss.
  3. Secure the first cranberry on the floss by putting the needle through the cranberry twice, then making a knot in the floss. Continue threading the cranberries and limes until desired length is achieved.
  4. Tie a knot at the end, leaving at least 12 inches of floss for tying to the tree.

Note: Cranberries and limes will stay fresh looking for days and then will dry nicely on the tree for up to three weeks.

I really want to make a memory for my kids and share some LOVE this Holiday Season.  It has been a couple of years since we did not have major drama at the Holidays.  Hopefully this year we will have a mellow Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

When we lost our home, we lost all our holiday decorations and our little lit tree.  This year my mom is loaning us a 4 foot table top tree.  We have a nice little nook with a mirrored background that we can place the tree into.  We have no decorations so I decided the kids and I will make them.  I found this Cranberry and Lime Garland and I think we will make this on Thanksgiving.  I will post pics and you can see the progress of our Holiday Decor in the making!

I have been down with the sickness the past few days and I have NO energy.  I feel like I have been steamrolled and can hardly move.  My eyes are blurry and my head is pounding which does not make make for a very good photo editing experience.  I have a couple photo shoots to edit and need to get back to feeling myself!

I took a 3 hour rest today and had to get up only because the noise level in our tiny apartment home was growing louder and louder.  I was curious as to why everyone in the house was making SO much NOISE.  So, I got up to find out that my some kind of wicked force has taken over my children and has made them all bicker and fight.  Just when I need them to be lovely well behaved kids - they choose to lose their ever loving minds!  Nice.

Thankfully my husband is making a meatloaf that my friend Trudi gave us.  He is making baked potatoes and biscuits to go along with it.  Thank goodness!  I have no energy to cook for this always hungry troop of guys!

I pray that I will be well by Wednesday as that is the day the little guys have their Thanksgiving Feasts at school.  I would love to go and take photos.  I'll keep you posted!

If you have any cute ideas for homemade Christmas Ornaments send them to me at: 

I am still taking nominations for my CONTEST - hit the CONTEST button at the top of my BLOG for details.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Image from yesterday's photo session with the Julian and Sprague Families

To sum it up it one word - UGG!
I have fallen prey to "the sickness".  Turner still has it - it has been a week.  Now my head feels like it is in a vice and my body feels as though I have run a marathon.  I have a cough that rocks my whole world and makes my head feel as if it will explode.


I hope to escape the sickness by the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I pray that it does not choose to "hang around" like an unwanted house guest.  I have things to do, people to photograph and a life to live!  Does "the sickness" not know I am a busy mom to four boys?  For goodness sake - move on sickness!

That being said - life still goes on.  When a mom is sick not much changes.  Kids still need food, they still need baths and help with homework.  They do not understand your lack of energy and they want to just keep on going full speed ahead.

Crankiness ensues and when the wheels of motherhood turn slowly people get cranky.  Kids get cranky and mama gets cranky.  This does not make for a very smooth running household!  Dad gets annoyed that mom is sick and the kids are cranky so then he too jumps on the band wagon.  Madness...sheer madness.  

Why is it when you are the MOM the Matriarch and you get sick - no one REALLY cares?  Yet when they fall ill it is expected that you wait on them hand and foot, cuddle and coddle and make the world all better?  No respect!  

Okay - I am done complaining now.  I am thankful that I am not in the hospital.  I am thankful for the bright sunny day and the fresh air coming in the windows!  I am thankful for great friends!  I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and eating yummy delicious foods.  

Say a little prayer for me...I am gonna need it at the rate I am going.  I think my kids have all lost their minds.  In the few minutes that it took to write this Trevan and Trenton got into a fight and all heck broke loose.  Why an almost 14 year old chooses to banter with a 5 year old - I will never understand!

Oh, how I long for the days when I use to go to work!  I need more photo shoots to get me out of the house!


Friday, November 20, 2009

I need your help!


I am looking for 100 Caring People to DONATE $10 each!

As some of you know it has been my dream to go to Africa for a long time now.  Trenton and I are on a Missions Team scheduled to go to Kigali, Rwanda in June of next year.

We need to raise $8000 for both of us to go.  Our first trip installment is due in January.  I would love to enjoy the Holiday Season knowing that we have met our goal.

I am looking for 100 people to donate $10 so that we can make our goal of $1000 by January 10th.

If you could please find it in your heart to donate just $10 and help spread the word it would mean the world to me!  Help be a part of our trip!

You can send donations to me via PayPal-
You can donate by clicking the box to the right - OR -

Mail a Check to me made out to

c/o Janean Lindner
28715 Los Alisos Blvd Ste 7-348
Mission Viejo, CA  92692

THANKS so much - we need all the support we can get!

Janean and Trenton

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Spirit of Giving...

This is a candid I got from my photo shoot the other day.  

These are my favorite kind of photos.  People "living life"!

The Spirit Of Giving Contest

Do you know someone in Orange County who would 
love to receive a 
Complimentary Photo Session 
complete with a set of prints?
(session date good for after the Holiday Season)

In the Spirit Of Giving I am going to award someone special 
with this Gift!

It is my way of "giving back".  
I have been blessed by so many and wish to spread some love!

Feel free to email me at:

Include the details of the person or family you wish 
to nominate and why.

I will present the winner with a Gift Certificate for an 
Photo Shoot and 

set of prints in a gift box.
($350 value)

Please tell me a little about this person or family 
and why they deserve to win.  Have they been ill?
Are they suffering a hardship?  Do they tirelessly help others?
Are they the best friend one could ever have?
Be creative!

I will announce the winner December 1st.

Send me your nominees!  I can't wait to choose a recipient!

Many Blessings!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tis the Season!

Isabella turns 4!! 
(this is my "Niece-in-law")
my brother's now ex-wife's brother's daughter - LOL!
We don't get technical - we just love everyone!

Tis the Season.  This is a busy time of year.  We have Trenton turning 14 on the 27th and Taylor turns 19 on December 14th.  We have other family members celebrating birthdays this time of year as well.  Celebrations.  Holidays.  Family.  A time to reflect and be thankful for what we have.  We may not have much - but we have each other!

Christmas is right around the corner and days are spent listening to the little ones getting excited at the promise that Santa may bring them a new toy.  Wishes...dreams.  I remember when I was a kid how exciting this time of the year was.

I do not really have many wishes or dreams these days.  Trying to make ends meet and the daily grind of groceries, laundry, homework and the like consumes me at times.  I am thankful that I have been able to do some portrait sessions and have photos to edit.  

I spent the day being productive and cuddling with my little Turner who was home sick today.  What more can I ask for?  His sweet little nose dotted with freckles.  His head covered with soft red hair.  I remember when he was just a baby.  Now he is so big.  One day before long he will not want to "cuddle" with mom.  He will not think I hung the moon.  For today I will enjoy the fact he still does!

It is wild how cold it has gotten the past couple of nights and then we are graced with the beautiful days in the high 70's.  Isn't California weather just great?!

I have the high hopes that I will get to start on my handmade Christmas Gifts for a few friends and family.  I pray that I can get a moment to work on them!  I also need to send out the letters for our Missions Trip.  Trenton and I have until January 10th to each get our 1st installment in of $500 each.  We will need lots of prayers on this!

I have been burning the pumpkin pie candle that I received as a gift all day and have been craving pumpkin pie!  Stace stopped at the store on the way home and he brought me pumpkin pie.  He was proud that he got a "Claim Jumper" pie - he just did not realize it was FROZEN and it needs to bake for 70 minutes!!  He even got whipped cream!  No instant gratification tonight - I will have to bake it tomorrow!  It was the thought that counts!

Tomorrow if Turner feels better he will return to school and I will work in Trevan's class.  He is really doing well in Kindergarten and he wants to write all the time.  He sounds out words and writes notes and puts them all over the apartment.  It is really cute!

He wrote today:
"Snta we ned a bigr hows.  It is to krowdd in her for a Kristms Tre."
(Santa we need a bigger house.  It is too crowded in here for a Christmas Tree.)

Adorable!  What more can I say!??

So, off to bed.  Tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend over.

Booo Hoo!  Weekend is over!

Back to the school/work week.  Weekend over.  

We had a busy weekend.  I had a photoshoot on Saturday and today I photographed Bella's 4th Birthday Party.  The kids are tucked into bed now - but Turner is not feeling well.  He started with a headache and now his nose is stuffy and he says he is hot.  So far, no fever.  We will see what tomorrow holds.  I was thinking that it was SO great that we have not gotten the sickness as of yet.  I think that I spoke too soon!

Luckily not too much on the agenda for this week so if I need to cuddle and coddle my lil guy I will be able to do so.  Stace and Taylor are still looking for work.  I pray something comes along before the year ends!  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here - then Christmas.  Before you know it, it will be 2010!  Wow - time flies!

Here are a couple of photos from my photo shoot on Saturday...


Had a great time.  I have a bunch of editing to do, but I love every minute of it!  Here are some from a shoot last week...

I just love this time of the year.  So "family" oriented.  I hope to see my brothers and their kids soon.  I miss my nieces and nephews!  

Well - sorry for the short update - I am wiped out.  Off to bed for me, this could be a long night with a sick one in the house!


PS - here are some photos I took of the boys...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knowledge is power.

Today I had the pleasure of going on a field trip with my son Turner.  Turner is in First Grade and we went to Centennial Farm.  We learned how chicks are born.  We learned how our food is grown.  It was so much fun being with the kids.  When Turner got home he told he that he LOVES to learn because it makes him feel powerful.  I thought this was an interesting statement coming from a six year old!

He is wise at times beyond his years.  Yes.  Knowledge is power.  We have control over how much we take in and what we choose to learn.  The more we know the more we gain.  

I have always loved teaching people things that I know about.  We all have different gifts and who are we to hoard our knowledge?  God blesses us with our abilities and it is our job to bless others by teaching them what we know.  I want to share this with my kids in hopes that they too, will have a love to help others.

There are so many things that I desire to learn and pray that people who know more than I will share with me, their knowledge.  If we all adopt the pay it forward mentality our world can only become a better place for us all!

So, I ask you...what are you good at?  What can you share with someone else?  You don't have to be an expert.  There will always be someone who knows more than you and someone who knows less!  Embrace who you are and what you know and share it with others!  We can only be who God created us to be, no one else.  I have had to really dig deep and give myself this pep talk recently.

I do what I do because it is what I do.  Can I be better?  Sure I can, and I strive to be.  If someone comes along and chooses to help me out - then I will be better for it.  If I choose to pay it forward and share what I know with someone else - then we will all benefit.  

Don't beat yourself up for what you think you should be - or could be.  You CAN be.  Just ask for help and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you receive in return!

Be open if someone asks you to share the knowledge you have in a particular area.  It may seem like nothing to you but it could be the world to someone else!

Just remember the words of a little red headed boy, who learned today how baby chickens are born.

"Knowledge is power!"  No go forth and empower someone!


Monday, November 9, 2009

What do YOU do for your mental health?

Here are some photos from my photo adventure that I had with my friend Trudi and her girls yesterday.

Sometimes you need a "mental health" outing.  What do you do for your sanity?

I love to get out and explore.  I love looking at things from a creative perspective and just appreciating the beauty around.  This is one of my most favorite things to do - it's even better when I can capture it on film.

The nice thing about photography is that you can tell a story.  Your story.  Taking the images that mean something to you, you have something that is all yours.  No right.  No wrong.  Just YOUR interpretation of the world around.  

Cooking is something else I love to do.  I love to take recipes and make them my own.  Fortunately so far, my family has loved every dish.  With cooking you CAN go wrong.  It is not as forgiving as photography!  I plan to try my hand at some candy making for the holidays.  This year we will be making all our gifts.  Gifts from the heart.  They may not cost a lot but they will be rich in character and filled with love.

Going to the movies is another thing I use to escape my reality.  I have always loved going to the movies.  Being in the dark, the smell of popcorn, the giant screen.  I enjoy romantic movies or comedy.  It affords me the ability to escape into another world, another story, for just a little bit of time.  I feel mentally refreshed when I come out.  Fortunately Irvine has a $2.00 movie theater and on Tuesdays it is only $1.00!  Now this I can afford!  (well sometimes I can't - but it is easier to find a buck in change than a ten spot to go to the other theaters!)  The movies are ones that have been out a while - but that is fine by me!

Our Fall so far has been mild.  This morning I was in UGG boots and by noon I am in my flip flops.  If you know me you know that I am usually barefoot or in sandals.  My style is relaxed and not very fussy.  I love leggins and a swing top with flip flops.  Sadly - I think my favorite shoes have bitten the dust.  They don't look too bad - they are just worn out.  When I first got them, they were on clearance at the end of the season one Fall.  I was thrilled to find them for 50% off.  

Paying $26 for a pair of flip flops is kind of silly.  

BUT when they were hanging proudly on that rack with a bright red slash through the price I could not pass them up.  Slipping them on I was in heaven!  They were spongy and bouncy.  So, so comfortable.  Now they have lost their bounce and their sponginess is all compressed.  At the end of the day my legs and back hurt - so I think it is time to bid them a fond farewell.  

So, if you are a shopper and happen to find these flip flops - made by SANUK...Style Yoga Mat, on Clearance - LET ME KNOW!  They have lasted me 2 years - so I guess $6.50 a year is not bad for a comfy pair of shoes!

Off to check my Crock Pot Mac-And-Cheese.  Man!  I love my crockpot!  Easy meals in a flash!  I always double the recipe and freeze a batch.  Makes my life so much easier!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

God's Timing...

"God's Timing".  I have heard that all things happen in "God's Timing".  I have been frustrated over the years as to grasp that concept.  I know that all things happen for a reason.  I am learning that God's Timing really has nothing to do with our timing.  I think God has an entirely different clock than we do.

I have learned to wait and be more patient.  In this "I want it all and want it now" society that we live in today it can be a really difficult task to "wait on the Lord".

Recently I have not been feeling so strong.  I have had moments of weakness where I have let my mind take over and get the best of me.  Our minds are a wonderful thing, but can also cause us a great deal of distress.  I find myself questioning decisions I have made.  Dreaming of what could have been, what is not and what may never be.  This as you know is not the most productive mindset.

I am living in Irvine in the neighborhood that I lived in when I was in high school.  I pass by places that hold wonderful memories for me of times spent with my family and friends of days gone by.  I miss those times when my life was so simple.  All I had to worry about was me.  No husband, no kids.  It is easy to daydream and wish for just a moment that I could run back in time.  Oh, the things I would do differently.  Things I would not say, things I would be sure to do.  Things then that were so important would not be now.  Priorities would be so different.  There is a reason that time moves ahead and not back. 


All three are wonderful in their own right.  All three we wish we had more of.

I am thankful that I have been richly blessed with people who care about me and my family.  I am blessed to have been able to reconnect with friends from my past.  I have had people placed in my life at just the right time to offer support and love just when we need it most.  I have had "old friends" who have not cared and complete strangers who have shown us love.

There are people who come into your life and then go and you wonder what the purpose was.  I know that God knows what he is doing and all things work together for good.  Man, He is complex.  You can't figure God out!  I can't wait to ask Him a question or two when it is my time to meet my wonderful maker! 

People are hard to figure out too.  You have people in your life that you wished cared more.  You have people who care too deeply.  You have people you long to spend time with, but never get to.  There are relationships that blossom and those that are like a thorn in your side.  All put into your life for a reason.  God's reasons.  We are not in control.  Never have been, never will be.

I give all the glory to God and continue to ask for His favor and His blessings upon our family.  I know he is in the driver's seat.  I just need to learn how to sit down, hang on and enjoy the ride!


Friday, November 6, 2009


Silence!  Ahhh the tranquility of silence.  Today I am ALONE in a silent home.  Taylor and Stace are in Court for Taylor's Hearing.  The other 3 boys are in school.  Ahhh the sound of the world going on around me is just heavenly.  I hear the birds singing and the hummm of my fridge.  That is it.  

I have had a tough time the past few days feeling lost.  I have not known what to do about our gloomy financial situation.  I have learned that sometimes God wants us to be silent.  He wants us to clear our minds and be still.  "Be still and know that I am God."  I admitted that my humanness gets the best of me and I try to "figure it all out".  Things are beyond my power and I am not in control.

God has shown me yet again that HE is almighty and he has us in the palm of His hand.  We were able to make rent.  We already have a head start on the rent for next month.  Friends old and new have helped put the word out that Stace and I need work.  I am very blessed that we have people in our lives that care.  Day by day...hour by hour.  Life is tough and getting tougher.  

I thank those of you who have lifted us up in prayer and have helped me along with encouragement and have let me "vent" my frustrations.  We are still dealing with unemployment (have yet to see a check) and the Labor Board.  S L O W are the wheels of justice.  Have heard nothing from Social Services either - it seems they are getting nit picky on every little detail.  Frustrations.  Life is full of them!

So today I sit in peace.  I thank the Lord for this time.  I pray that Stace and Taylor make out well in court.  It is all in God's hands.  I pray for my friend too, who has a court date today in regard to an estate matter.  Their financial future will be impacted by the decisions and I pray for a wonderful outcome for their family.

When I am down it makes me feel more useful to help others.  Here is something I learned about and hope you may want to help too...  This little guy will steal your heart - click on the link below to see a video of him!

Diana Harrison Biorkman has a 5-year-old son in his last stages of a 2 1/2 year battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. They are celebrating Christmas next weekend and Noah loves Christmas cards.Please take a minute to send a card to:

Noah Biorkman, 1141 Fountain View Circle, South, Lyon, MI 48178.

Snopes - Noah Biorkman 

Article and Video 

On a more fun note - I have a friend whose sister is trying to win a stroller and she is currently in 2nd place.  All you have to do is click the link and click VOTE next to her name...Heidi Joncas

It would be fun to help her win - take a minute and vote! :o)

So now I am off to enjoy my QUIET TIME and be still.  I am going to enjoy the peace for the next couple of hours - then I pick up Trevan and put back on my "mommy hat".

Make it a great day - the weather here is BEAUTIFUL!  I hope it is nice where you are!

May the peace of the Lord be with you today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 human.

Oh, I am so human.  I am afraid that my humanness is getting in my way.  I know in my mind what it says to do in God's instruction manual of life - but applying it at times is such a challenge.

I am flawed.  I am human.  I lose patience with my toaster.  I find it painful to stand today and wait while it takes a eternity to toast my bread.  Frustrated I take it out prematurely slap some butter and peanut butter on it in a haphazard manner and call it breakfast.  Chewing on my not-so-toasted bread I reflect on the events of yesterday and try to decided what I can accomplish today.  It seems that we are spending time spinning our wheels.  I have grown weary of calling one resource after another to hear the same story again, and again, and again.

I am at a place where defeat is getting the better of me and I am having a hard time being positive.  I know - I know.  I have heard it from so many.  Look on the BRIGHT side.  Count your BLESSINGS.  I have and continue to do so.  What my question is to people is HOW when the darkness seems to overshadow the bright spots do you keep on going when your emotions get the best of you and drain every ounce of energy from your pshycie?

It is so much easier to tell someone else HOW they should be doing it than having to apply your advice to your own life.  I know people mean well.  Generally people want to help and often times do not know how.  Sometimes I just need to vent - I need a shoulder to cry on.  I am not looking to anyone to "fix" things because I know they can't.  I know that this too shall pass.  I pray each day for the burdens to be lifted and give the many frustrations up to God.  I just need more energy, patience and a dose of perseverance. 

We need prayers.  I need the Lord to deliver us from this "financial uncertainty".  The "not knowing" is the hardest part.  My greatest desire it to provide a stable happy home for our children.  I want to "be here" for them as their mom.  I do not want to be emotionally absent because my stresses are too much to bear.  I do not want them to be fearful that we may not have a roof over head in a month.  I do not want them to be hungry, go without clothing or shoes.  It pains me greatly to watch them suffer. 

With that - I will leave you now.

Please pray for us.  Pray that Stace, Taylor or myself will find a way to earn money to support our family.  Pray that we will not be facing eviction at Christmas.  Pray for Taylor's court hearing on Friday.

Most of all I thank you for caring.



Monday, November 2, 2009

Going under -

I am going under!
Today I feel like that Hippo!  I feel like I am going under and may not come up for air!  I started the morning with an optimistic attitude only to have one door then another shut.  I am just boiling over with frustration and need to really get a grip.

We learned over the weekend that due to the "creative" way Stace's employer has been reporting his wages that Stace only qualifies for $171 a week in unemployment benefits - with a maximum of $2000.  WOW - that will not even begin to cover our rent!  So with hope I called this morning only to find that they are "experiencing unusually high call volume" and then the recording hangs up on you!

So I then call the Labor Board to experience a phone that rings and rings with no answer.  I perused website after website - called and listened to one recorded message then another - spending over an hour on the phone.

I then call the bank to attempt to stop an automatic payment due to come out on the 4th for Life Insurance that we can't afford only to find out that it will cost me $30 plus a host of red tape.  I then call the insurance agent and nearly break down crying begging her to do something to help!

So, here we are.  The first of another month.  A Monday - the start of a new week.  I feel like I am barely hanging on.  I am tired, so tired of this uphill battle.  I just do not know what to do any more - other than the standard.  I freak out, I pray, I relax then start the cycle again.

I think I may go out and appreciate some of the beauty in nature, become one with God and cast all my burdens yet again at His feet.  This is all I know to do, because I am not in control - He is.

Gotta keep telling myself that...
I pray you are having a wonderful start of November. 

For me - this means - RENT is DUE - BILLS are DUE - and I need a money TREE!!


I am so blessed to have friends to pray on our behalf...
I received this today and wanted to share.

"Dear Jesus,

Thank you that we have a father in Heaven to release our hurt, frustration, worry and pain to - thank you that we have a source of power, strength and wisdom to guide our lives.  

Lord, I lift up the Lindner family to you today and ask that you answer their prayers and give them your comfort during this time of uncertainty.  

Lord, I pray for Stace today – that he seek you with his whole mind, soul, and strength.  I pray that he look to you for answers and rest and peace.  Lord, show Stace the plan you have for him, the plan of prosperity not harm, and show him what he needs to do, even the smallest of steps to work the plan.  Lord, I pray that Stace let go of anything that hinders his relationship with you, that he is open to your leading and the changes you want to make in his life.  I pray that he turns over the pains and fears from the past and for the future so you can do what you do best.  

Lord, I pray for Janean, I pray she sense the encouragement that you offer.  Give her a discerning mind on what steps she needs to take to help better their circumstances.  I pray that she seek you in all she does and she continue to show her faith to her boys.  I pray her faith makes a positive impact on the rest of the family so everyone grows deeper with you Lord.  

Lord, I pray for Taylor, that he stay on the path to recovery.  Help him to fight his addiction and find the life that you have designed for him.  I pray you bless him with a job that gives him purpose and that you bring strong and positive influences into his life.  

I pray for Trenton today Lord and ask that you replace the frustration and worry in his heart with your perfect peace.  Help him to see that you are the way and that he needs to respond with obedience.  I pray that he re-focus on school and he bring up the grades that are low.  Help him to desire education for his future and to resist the ways of the world.  I pray that he find good friends, friends that know you Lord, so he can have a safe place to live out his faith.  

Lord, I pray for Turner and Trevie and they continue to find growth and friendship at school.  Thank you Lord that they are both responding to their new school and it is a place of learning and friends.  I pray Lord that they are healthy and strong and that you would continue to protect them physically.  

Lord, the Lindner’s need work, so it is my prayer today that a job would come.  They are all so gifted and talented, please show them where and how they are to use the gifts to impact your kingdom for good.  Please provide the funds they need to keep them covered during this season.  They really need answered prayers right now God so show them their part in working through this challenging time.  Keep them all healthy and full of faith and to be in a place of expecting your very best.  

They need you in a big way Lord…

In Jesus name…Amen

Love you all~~~


I am so blessed to have people like Amy in my life!