Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friends old and new...

I love my friends. 

Meet Kris.  She was my BFF in High School.  After high school her life went one way and mine another.  It was through the magic of Facebook that we reconnected.  We have been chatting, texting, talking and emailing for over a year.  She does not live THAT far...just in San Diego.  Yet our busy lives, being moms and just day to day activities have kept us apart.  Yesterday I had the joy of taking her pictures.  We only got to see each other for an hour or so, but it was like no time had passed.

She was the same girl I knew all those years ago.  Still as vibrant, witty and funny.  I miss hanging out and having fun together.  

There are SO many people that I miss.  I have friends scattered all over the country as well as family.  If I could have one wish it would be for more time and opportunities to spend with those I cherish.  Being with someone I knew when I was just a teen makes me miss all the other friends I once spent my days with.  Funny how all the old memories come rushing back!  Our minds are a wondrous thing!  I sit and wonder if the people whom I once called "friend" still remember me.  Where are they today and what have they been doing all these years...

At times I feel so lonely and wish I were just a kid again.  Carefree.  To turn back the hands of time...

Ah, adulthood - aint it grand?!

I can only pray that my kids make friendships that last a life time.  

Friends are like never realize how good they are until you run out!

Here's praying that you never run out of chocolate - OR - Friends!