Saturday, November 6, 2010

My wish for a day...

Oh, to be one of "those" people.  Just for a day. {okay I lie...not just for the day...for a while}  You know "the" people I am talking about.  

The ones that have all their Christmas Shopping done before Halloween.  The ones that have picture perfect kids that never say a cross word to one another, never mess up their rooms and always do their homework.  The kids that are satisfied with socks and undies wrapped cleverly under the tree.

The people who on a moments notice can have a house full of people over for the best gourmet meal {made from scratch} around a neatly decorated table complete with place cards, matching dinnerware and a centerpiece they threw together with flowers from their Lily Garden and pine cones from their yard.  The ones that have the most adorable family dog that wears sweaters to match the season, can get the morning paper and never barks.  "Those" people who bring the most creative gift to the party, have the swankiest style and perfect husband hanging on their arm.

Well...I COULD go on, but I am sure you know the people I am talking about.  If you are reading this and are "one of them" - remind me to kick you swiftly in the backside next time we see each other.  Oh, that's right I won't be seeing you as I am not in your social circle.  If I were I'd be one of you!

Each year I dream of having my home all decked out for the Holidays in an adorable fashion.  I have big plans and a creative vision and then something happens.  I don't get a tree put up, decorations are not unearthed from storage and our home just remains a place that I dwell with 4 boys and a husband.  Can I do it THIS year?  I wonder.  I want to make memories with my boys.  I want to create a warm, loving atmosphere to enjoy the wonderment of the Holiday Season in.  THIS will be my year.

Taylor is doing the best he has been in years and years.  Perhaps we can celebrate by "decking the halls" with some "fa, la, la, la,, la, la, la."  After all, "Tis the season to be Jolly."  

Wish me luck, as Martha Stewart I am not.  I have ideas.  Oh, yes.  Lots of ideas.  It is the execution that creates a problem for me.  I just have a hard time with time management.  Somehow, I just never seem to have enough...time.  I have so much I want to get done, then the next thing I know it is here.

 C H R I S T M A S...

It sneaks up on me silently.  I know it is coming then one day "WHAM!" here it is!  I find myself unprepared.  No stuff for the stockings.  Gifts hidden in places I can't find them.  No gifts for those I swore I'd hand make something special for.  I then get a huge stress headache and want to run for the hills.  

Help me.  Remind me that "time flies" and that before we know it we will be leaving cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer.  This year I vow to be one of "those" people.  I will role play and pretend that I can do it all.  I will take on the challenge and let you know how I am doing...each step of the way!


P.S.  49 days and counting...till Christmas!