Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Change?

Young love.  It can change from one day to the next.  One day she loves me then next...not so much.

I love change.  I live however in a house with 5 males.  Four of which are very fond of routine.  I roll with the punches and love to switch it up a bit.  Keeps life interesting!  As we transition from Winter to Spring I feel that there are a lot of changes around the corner in both my personal and business lives. 

I am making some changes in my Photography Business that I am excited about!  I am partnering with my friend and neighbor Kristen to form a sister company to Giggle Moon Photography.  We will be launching our new company "Birdie-N-Bee" on Facebook and the Web very soon.  For now you can see some of our collaborative work on my Facebook Page...Giggle Moon on Face Book.

We are going to be doing a huge Give-Away and I have been busy preparing our site for that.  I'll let you know when it launches!  

Becoming busier with my business brings a little more stress into my home.  My kids don't like me leaving for Photo Shoots and they hate all the time I spend on my computer editing and working.  I can say that my husband is a HUGE GRUMP when I work the night away on my sofa...But hey!  At least I am home and not in a dank office until the wee hours!  Gotta find the light in the darkness!

Be prepared to see some great things around the corner!  


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