Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Makes You - YOU?
As we traveled to Lake Havasu to see Stace's parents on Monday, I pondered this question. I made this wall to tell you a bit about what makes Me - ME.

I desperately wanted Stace to take our sons and go see his parents. I know my desires were purely selfish. I need a break. I am wearing out. I just wanted to have the house to myself - go to my parents and relax. He refused - as he always does when it comes to doing things alone. It is a fear of his, I guess. I am his support system - if things go wrong - he can blame it on ME. I tried to go with a good attitude although I feared the long drive with 4 boys and 1 girl, Stace and myself. I just knew someone would have to complain or fight about something. We took Taylor and Nikki, I think Taylor knew that this may be the last time he would see his Grandma. She is not well and it was sad to see how she has declined at only 72 years old. She has early onset Altzheimers and Chrone's Disease. She is very thin only 84 pounds and was very quiet. At times she did not appear to be "there". She tired easily and had not remembered Stace was in an accident. She cried when Stace hugged her when we left, and looked like a child. I felt a stirring in my heart and felt guilty for being selfish and wanting him to "go it alone". I fear too, that her days here on earth are almost done. I pray for her salvation.

We are home now and settling in for a quiet New Year's Eve in our jammies in front of the fire. We were invited to the Kasten's New Year's Eve Party and I would love to go - but the kids are tired from the trip and I would be too tempted by her awesome cooking!

I did okay while there - I even walked! I only got 4 miles in today as we were traveling. I'll have to make it up tomorrow!

I have come up with some fun tidbits to start the New Year -
I hope you will enjoy!

I'll add them later...
Have a great New Year's Eve - be safe!