Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Happy New Year!
Invest in yourself!
The economic times are tough. But it is important for you to keep up with one key investment - YOU! Taking care of yourself means you will come out the other side stronger, healthier and happier. Resolve to invest in yourself in 2009. I do not have much to invest - but I am going to vow to invest in myself this year. It may be simple - like time for ME- alone. It may be a healthy investment like organic blueberries - which I love. It may be technical - like $5 a week on 5 iTunes songs to reward myself when I get my 5 miles in each day. Music inspires me and helps me to push harder when I am working out. You find what works for you and what you can do to invest in making you a better YOU! You will feel better and we should compare notes along the way! Email me with your "investment" and I'll share here on the blog!

Together we are better!

Take my 31 Day Challenge!

Change is good! I challenge you to change!
Do something you don't usually do -

or stop doing something you should.

Change it up!

Vow to do something different each day in the month of January.
Keep a list of what you do each day. Send it to me in February!
I'd love to see it!
I'll post mine each day - here are some ideas off the cuff...

Wear red lipstick.
Make your own coffee - skip Starbucks.
Walk instead of drive.

Turn off the T.V. and read.

Actually schedule a NAP!

Go to church.

Call an old friend.
WRITE someone a letter.
Schedule a physical or mammogram if you need one!

Log off the computer 2 hours early one night!

Ban Spongebob and play a game with your kids.

Go to a movie in the middle of the day - alone!

Take a bubble bath.
Drink de-caf tea before bed.
Cut out red meat.
Join a group, bible study or the gym.

Take interest in a new hobby.
Take yourself on a pic-nic.
Walk on the beach or build a snowman (where ever you live)
Listen to music really loud!
Clean your closet.
Start your own blog!
Plan a trip and start to save for it.
Try a new food.

Have fun - it's a New Year!
A Time For Change!