Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Steps...

Today I am exhausted.  I had an action packed weekend.  Trenton and I along with the Plaza Family did a Fundraiser for RWANDA.  Despite the pouring rain and chilly temps - we had our garage sale and BBQ.  God keeps us encouraged one baby step at a time.  We were able to each earn $100 and then give Team 1 $100.  We also broke even on our food expense.  Baby Step by Baby Step we are inching along.  

I told a friend this morning that if the funds came too easily none of us would apprciate the process.  Once I touch down on African soil all the hard work, anticipation, stress and exhaustion will be all worth it!

On Friday we received our Passports in the mail!  I was so happy I did a happy dance all around my living room.  Much to the dismay of my family -- who all thought I had lost my mind -- I was elated!
With the help of my tireless friend Charity we then went to set up the sale and purchase the food.  We had a great time laughing together!  We were blessed by people who came on Saturday and met some wonderful new friends!

After a long day in the rain I headed to Disneyland with my mom to watch my nieces compete in the National Cheer Competition.  We were sad that they did not take FIRST PLACE as they deserved - but were happy that they got SECOND.  They worked so hard and looked fantastic!  

Saturday I did a family portrait session then took my boys to enjoy Kyle Rosser's 7th Birthday.  My boys were in their element at the awesome Star Wars Party that they put on.  I saw old friends and had a great time watching my boys play until they were ready to drop!

We then headed to Grandma's to await the arrival of my brother and the cousins so we could all enjoy a home cooked meal together.  We enjoyed each others company then headed home to get the kids into bed.

So here we are.  Inch by inch I will get done what has to be done.  Am I worried that Trenton and I need $1300 each in the next two weeks?  Yes.  But I know with God all things are possible and that He is so faithful.  I now need to be as well!

I will work hard in my fund raising efforts and dollar by dollar I will appreciate each tiny step we take closer to our goal!  

I pray that the rain will stay away and that you will have a blessed week!