Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm still here!

I have gotten several emails asking if I had dropped off the face of the earth! times I wish - but I am still here!

The past days have been spent going and doing.  We had our Road to Rwanda Chili Cook Off - which was exhausting and wonderful!

We had our Rwanda Training and Payment Deadline - which was a test.  The Lord challenged me to trust in Him to provide and He showed up!  Trenton and I met our goal and if my calculations are correct we even exceeded it!  We now are raising funds to meet our final deadline on May 26th of $3000, of which we need approx $2500!

We will be doing another Garage Sale this weekend and I am busy doing Portrait Sessions to benefit our Trip Fund.

Lil Trevan is sick with bronchitis and we spent the night in the Emergency Room with him.  

We are loving the beautiful weather -- sunny like summer days!  I have a ton of photos to edit and galleries to create and catch up on.  I am doing a very timely system back up then off to work I will go today!

Taylor is holding on day to day.  Things last week were a total mess and at times I just threw my hands in the air.  I was forced in the midst of planning our Chili Cook Off to just "let go and let God".  As hard as it is and was - I had no other choice in the matter.

Taylor is on the waiting list at the Phoenix House and will be spending 45 days in Rehab.  He has also been placed on 3 years formal probation.  We have prayed and prayed for many years that he would get the help he needs.  He is currently home with us and we take it minute to minute.

So, I am now off to hold Trevan and give him some of that love that only a mama can when you are sick.  I am excited to get out in the warm sunshine today!

I pray you have a wonderful day too!