Thursday, March 4, 2010


I will have to say - I have a weakness for cupcakes.  I get really excited by cupcakes.  They are just the perfect size to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Yummy moist cake and creamy sweet frosting - my favorite combination.  You can get all different flavors of cake.  They come beautifully decorated with doo-dads and sprinkles.  Some plain some fancy - I don't care - as long as they taste sinfully sweet.

Lately our fund raising efforts have been a lot like the long anticipated dessert.  We are working hard and despite rain and other challenges - the Lord continues to add doo dads and sprinkles to our "cupcake".  I have so blessed by people who have helped Trenton and I - whether it be with a small sprinkles or a whole cupcake. 

I don't get to eat cupcakes very often - perhaps that is why I enjoy them so much when I do.  Kinda like fund raising.  You write letter after letter, post on Facebook and then post again - only to get nothing.  Then when you do get a response the rewards are so great! I get so excited over $5!  It may not be huge but it is the thought behind it.  The mere fact that someone cares enough about MY dream - to help me achieve my goal.  

Trenton and I are taking a whole crew of loving and caring people with us when we go to Rwanda.  Without the love, support and prayers from so many - people we love and care for to people we have never even met - our trip would not be possible.

God has a purpose for all of us.  I was created to Love Him and share His love with others.  I am so excited to shine in Africa.  I again thank you - all of you - whether you can help us with our funds or by prayer - you mean so much to us.

Most of all - I owe my thanks to God for pouring his abundant blessings down on us.