Monday, December 21, 2009

Ahhh! First Day of Christmas Break!

My lil guys!

Ahhh the first day of our Christmas Vacation!  We slept in, are still in our jammies, are listening to Christmas Music while eating pancakes!  Life is good!

My kids are very excited that Christmas is almost here, but even more excited that their Uncles and Cousins are coming!  

Being together - that is the best gift of all!  A true gift that money can not buy!  

We plan on making cookies, playing games and spending time just being together.  It has been a few years since all the cousins were together at the Holidays!  

I still have some shopping to do and some "real life issues" that are putting a damper on my festivities.
It seems that bills are due, car insurance is up for renewal, etc. etc.  

I just wish I could make those things GO AWAY so we could just concentrate on the celebration of Christ's Birth and the love that this Holiday brings!

Perhaps I will knuckle down and try to tackle these "dampers" today and get them out of the way!

We are so blessed to have BEAUTIFUL warm weather for the Holidays and I am loving every minute of it!  It is neat to see the snow on T.V. and not have to get out in it!  We are so ill equipped for cold weather!  I do not even own a pair of closed toed shoes - just my UGG Boots!

It seems that the illness has returned to our house - both lil guys have bad coughs and Grandma came home from her cruise with a cough too.  We will not let it get us down!  We will push through and make this a fun filled holiday!

Here is wishing you get all your last minute preparations completed and that you can relax and enjoy your family!