Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Taylor!

From the Najjar Photo Shoot

Busy - Busy Weekend!  

We had our Road To Rwanda Silent Auction which was pretty rained out!  We still had a great time and did not do too bad - as our fellow team members did some bidding!

Yesterday, Maria and I did a photo shoot for the Najjar Family.  We had a great time with Tiffany, Maya and Tony.  I was up late creating their Holiday Card and placing their order so they can send out their Custom Cards ASAP!

Today I will be editing photos and tonight we will celebrate my "Baby" turning 19!  Taylor is 19 today!  He shares his Birthday with my nephew Brenton - who is 15 today and my friend of many years gave birth to her daughter Caroline on this date too!  Happy Birthday Caroline!!

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here!  Only a couple weeks and we will be sipping coffee by the fire at my mom and dad's.  After Christmas my brothers both come with the newphews and nieces and I can hardly wait!  I love those kiddos so much I could just burst!

We did not do much shopping and are not too prepared for Christmas.  But that is okay!  Being together is what it is all about!  Our place is too small for a tree - but perhaps one day in the near future we will be able to move to a larger place.

We have been enjoying our puppy Romeo.  We are pup sitting while my parents are in Hawaii.  My boys have missed their doggie!  

I was listening to the radio on my way home last night and heard someone speaking about the impact our words have on others.

It is so true.  Our words pack so much punch for the good and for the bad.  I am really going to make an effort to compliment my kids more and watch the things that I say.  I had a friend call me this weekend to thank me for being their friend.  It meant so much to me and made me feel so great.  We need to do this more!  It is so easy for the complaints to come flying out...we need to make more of an effort to tell those we care about how special they really are!

So, I challenge you to tell at least 2 people each day how much they mean to you - or shower them with compliments!  We all need this - and want it.  Spread a little joy with your words!  Simple enough!
Just think - it won't even cost you a penny!

Off to edit some photos!