Saturday, April 3, 2010


Why is it so hard to stop and "hear" the voice of God?  

I am always getting irritated with my husband and boys for not listening.  I can't imagine how God must feel when he tries in vein to speak to us and we are too busy to "hear His voice."

I know the frustration that I feel.  His frustration must be magnified times a million!

I had the honor of going to Sonoma State University to photograph some of the girls there.  We stayed with sweet Chloe, a girl I have known since she was about 6.  She has been a rock for me the past few years.  She is far younger than I and is the same age as my son, yet I consider her to be a friend.  She is studying to become a teacher.  She sees a need and extends herself to others.  She has many gifts that she may not yet see, but I know they are there.  Her love and compassion for others will make her a wonderful teacher. 

While there I got to meet some of her friends.  It was such a blessing to me to see these girls as young and fresh and imagine what they will become.  They are all so lovely and gifted in their unique way.  Just how God planned.  A Purpose for each.  

I was able to be still while there.  I walked the beautiful grounds of SSU and the Lord's work was all around.  From the magnificent redwood trees to the tiny baby ducks.  We saw trees laden with large sweet blooms.  Bees humming in the magnolia trees carefully orchestrated with the chirping of the birds was music to my ears.  We walked and walked, exploring here and there.  Before we knew it four hours had passed.  I was so blessed by that walk.  I felt God's presence and felt a peace like I had not felt in a long, long time.

I have been "busy".  So busy doing fund raising for our Rwanda Trip.  Busy with my Photography.  Busy taking care of my kids.  Busy attempting to run a household.  Busy with serving at Church.  Just plain BUSY.

I had not taken time out to just "be still and know that He is God".  

While photographing Chloe and Brittney in the flower field above I was surrounded by God's presence.  There was no denying that He was there with us.  I was so at peace that when we discovered Trevan had knocked Turner's pizza onto the car floor I did not react in anger.  I was able to pick up the pieces, hug my son and tell him that we would get another.  It felt amazing.  I was not wound so tight that my first reaction was to snap!  

Ahhhh, why had I not taken this "time out" sooner?

Over the few days that we were there I was able to stay up late, sleep in, have no demands placed on me (other than the "mommy" duties that come with a 5 and 6 year old).  I enjoyed each moment for what it was.  So refreshing.

We got to the airport to find that there was a delay.  I had 3 hours to entertain the boys.  Normally I would have been stressed by this.  Not so.  I thought of it as an adventure.  We walked and talked.  We went in and out of the stores exploring.  It was actually a lot of FUN!  I took them to the international terminal and showed them the HUGE airplanes that Trenton and I would fly to Africa on.  They asked questions and I answered them.  We learned a lot in those 3 hours.

I am taking time now.  Time to "be still".  Time to listen.  Time to Hear God's Voice.  He speaks to us all the time.  Through people, through experiences, through the beauty in the world all around.  We just have to be open to "hear" Him.

This Easter Sunday I encourage you to make the commitment to take some time for you.  Time to be still and let God speak to you.  

You'll be glad you did!

Happy Easter!