Wednesday, May 26, 2010

43 days...

Well - here we are.  43 days until Trenton and I leave for RWANDA.  Today is the deadline to have the $8000 required for us to go, turned in.  

Yesterday I was blown away by the donations that came in.  People have touched me so deeply by helping us with our trip.  It is not about the amount of money donated - it is the fact that people actually care, and take the time to show it. 

It the hustle and bustle of our world today it is so easy to just let things slide by.  I know - I am guilty of this as well.  I always have good intentions but sometimes time gets away from me and I miss a deadline to help someone or attend something that I had wanted to.

Today, for example my husband accidentally messed up our clock.  He set the alarm WAY too early (in my humble opinion) and when the alarm went off at what was suppose to be 6:00 am - it was really 5:00 am.   I heard the radio announcer say "It's 5:02 am" and I said "WHY?!! are we waking up at this hour when Trenton's appointment is not until 8:00 am??"  Then in an effort to fix the clock - my husband grumbled and fumbled for an eternity, making it impossible to slip back into dreamland.

I tossed and turned and never got the extra 2 hours of much needed sleep.  I got up and over breakfast my youngest sneezes right into his cereal bowl showering he and his brother in milk!  After cleaning up that mess, we set off for school and as I am looking for a parking spot a small over exuberant child darts in front of my van.  

I swerve to avoid killing him {just what I did not need today} and clip the plastic bumper of a parked car sending the plastic piece flying.  I quickly find a spot and shuffle the kids out to go give the person my info.  Upon reaching where they were parked - I find them gone and the plastic piece laying in the road.  

Now what?  

Frustrated I head for home listening to a lecture from my 5 year old on how I should be more careful when driving.

So, you see - I know times are tough and people are busy.  That is why each and every dollar that has come in has meant so much!  I am so proud to announce that we have officially met our goal!!  God once again provided.  He touched just the right people and the money all came in!

I am now just working on collecting/earning $317 for our travel immunizations and then some money to purchase items we need to take with us.  I would also like to take some spending money for use in the country.  

BUT - this is small compared to the $8000 that we have worked hard to raise since last year!!  I feel so proud and a great sense of accomplishment!  I feel like each person who helped is going along with us in spirit!

God has more than met us half way lately.  I am always so amazed when He provides for our needs.  It is like Christmas.  I pray and He answers.   All in His time...that is the part we all have to grow accustom to.  Nothing happens when we want it to!  

Patience and Perseverance.  Two things I have grown to know well.

I love this quote:  "Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did."

So, today is a happy day.  We have met our trip requirement.  I have lost another pound.  I have food in my fridge.  I have patience and I have persevered.  I have hope and I have love in my heart!

Who could ask for more?
Thanks for being a part of my journey!