Friday, May 14, 2010

Icing on the cake...

What puts the icing on YOUR cake?  

I thought of this yesterday as I was locked in the bathroom 
{involuntarily locked in... I will add}.

I went in with only 30 minutes to spare before I went to pick up my 3rd son from school.  I throw my towel up over the shower glass and shut the door - as always.  

I took my shower and when I went to make my hasty exit found that the door was, well...broken.  It would not open.  I pulled and I yanked.  I juggled and I banged.  I then started yelling for my youngest son.  "Trevan!  Trevvvvvan!"  I shouted and banged on the door.  I then pounded on the walls.  NOTHING.

I then remembered that I had turned on the stereo and that he was in my bedroom watching T.V. - probably at a higher than normal volume to drown out my music coming from the stereo.  

GREAT!  Just Great.  My son would come out of school and sit on a brick wall waiting for me and I would be here...stuck in the steamy, teeny-tiny apartment bathroom.  I continued to bang and pound and shout.  

So many thoughts raced through my mind.  How long would it be before Trevan came looking for me?  When was my husband due home?  I could be locked in here for hours!  I could die of boredom!  I will be found naked in a towel too tiny to cover me, how traumatic for my loved ones!

I usually bring the phone into the bathroom when I take a shower "just in case someone calls..." 
OH, NO!  Not today!  A break in routine.  Hummm - okay God.  What do you want to talk to me about?  You have my full attention.  You really don't have to LOCK me in the bathroom to get my attention, I promise!

So, I sat.  I sat perfectly still and silent.  I started thinking, and thinking.  

I keep telling my oldest son, Taylor "God does not waste a hurt..."  

I then reflected on an incident that he just had with a counselor making fun of his weight.  He tried to go to the counselor to ask that he stop and the guy dismissed him and teased him further.  His anger bubbled over and he was threatened with release from the program.  He tried to do the right thing - and did not get the result he desired.  

I then called the Program Director who said because of this incident - policy would change.  A staff meeting was called and the counselor was dealt with -- THE ICING ON THE CAKE.  

So, as I thought of these things and continued to bang and knock and yell for Trevan I tried to find the icing on the cake.  

Hummm...nothing in here.  I paced back and forth and as I decided to "tidy up" I fluffed the bath mat only to find a missing earring!  Ah... THE ICING ON THE CAKE!

After what seemed like forever Trevan came to the door and tried to rescue me.  He could not get it open either!  GREAT...panic set in.  I quickly calmed down and talked my son through on how to get a butter knife and try to force the lock open.

Finally after my 25 minutes of confinement I was freed.  He wiggled and jiggled and finally forced it open.  ICING ON THE CAKE!

With only 5 minutes to dress and get to the school we made a mad dash.

As I pulled up to the school I found a front row parking spot - more ICING!

I saw my son sitting on the little brick wall waiting with his teacher.  I ran to them and apologized telling the teacher of my confinement.  She then asked if I had spoken to the Principal.  I had not.  She then told me that Turner had been told NOT to throw a rock and he did anyway.  He was teary eyed and asked if I was mad.  We made our way home and discussed the incident.

Upon returning home, I retrieved the message left by the Principal.  She was chuckling as she told me that Turner age 6 years old {who has aspergers} Got a citation and suspension from playground play for the next 3 days for throwing a rock (aimed at no one). When sent to the Principal's Office he told her - "Mrs. Boone told me not to throw the ROCK. You see, I did not throw a ROCK it was just a "pebble"...had she said "do not throw the pebble" I would not have thrown it!" 

THE ICING ON MY CAKE!  I so love this bright little boy I have been blessed with!  Gotta love a kid with a high IQ!   

I vow to go through my life trying to find the icing instead of grumbling over the crumbs.  Thanks God, for teaching me a lesson.


Like the grain of sand that lodges in an oyster shell and becomes a lovely pearl, the little irritations of life can bring the beauty of God's Splendor to your inner self...

layer by layer.