Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you love without limits?

Do you know how to LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS? 

At first response you may say "Of Course!"  But do you really?

Jesus loves us unconditionally.  Do we love the people in our lives this way?  I have really been giving this a lot of thought.  Ask yourself this question - "Do I love others without limits?" 
You can get pretty deep on this if you take time to ponder HOW you love the people in your life.

Take your children.  One by one.  Think of how much you love them. 
The amount of love I have for my kids is immeasurable.  But, do I put limits on my love? 

Take your friends.  One by one.  Do you place limits on how much you love them?  Do they on you?

I know that I am guilty of protecting my heart.  I have been hurt.  I don't like to be hurt.  I hold back.  This is putting limits on my love.
I can give more to a stranger than I can to say, my husband.  I can give more to my kids than to a stranger.  LIMITS.

Interesting to think about, isn't it?

I think you can see this "Love Limiting" a bit more in our relationships with friends.  

I have friends that LOVE me hands down without limits.
I have others that I know put limits on how much they love me, as demonstrated in their word and actions.

I then have to ask myself "Why?"

Have they been hurt?  Are they holding back?  Have I not demonstrated that I can be the friend that they need me to be?
What can I do to allow them to "love me without limits"?

Going through life pointing fingers at others is no way to grow.  If you point a finger at someone - there are three pointing back at you.

As I prepare to go on Mission to RWANDA I have done a lot of "heart checking".  I know that the Lord uses situations in our lives, conflict especially, to grow us.

We have had our share of conflict with our son Taylor.  In his therapy he is learning who he is and why he has masked his pain with drugs and alcohol.  Self discovery is hard.

I have spent a lot of time in prayer.  I have asked God to show me in my hurts and pain the "WHAT".  What can I do, what can I learn and what can I take away from this pain to better myself.
God does not waste a hurt.  He uses our trials to refine us, but this only works if we are open to see what he wants us to.

I am going to work on my ability to LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS.  Not an easy task, but one that I think I can succeed at.  How about you?