Wednesday, June 2, 2010

36 days and counting!

Last night I got the honor of meeting Pastor Francis from Christ Gospel Fellowship Church in Rwanda.  I met his wife Dorothy a couple of years ago.  At that time, I found out that they are involved with The ABC Foundation 

Here is some info on their program: 

Mission and History
Abana B’umwami Children’s Foundation

   Abana B’umwami Foundation started in 2002 in Kigali, Rwanda as a sponsorship program to provide tuition and school supplies to the children of Rwanda. Under the direction of Pastor Francis Mutabazi, the program initially supported 40 children, either orphaned or living in extreme poverty.

   A small team of missionaries from Calvary Chapel La Habra (CCLH) ventured to Rwanda in 2005 and had the opportunity to meet most of these children and many many more in need of support. At the same time, Pastor Francis and his community were praying for an answer, as the support for the program was not enough to meet the needs. 
   The team from CCLH came back with a burden to participate in this foundation. Within months of coordinating with Pastor Francis and presenting the needs to the body at CCLH, the Abana B’umwami foundation was not only able to continue to support the 40 original children, but it has grown to 200 children four years later. 
  With over 1 million orphans and over 101,000 child-headed households in Rwanda, there is a continual need that you can help meet.

I accessed their site and adopted a little girl named Rosine.  I am so pleased to share with you that I get to meet her when we are in Kigali!  If you would like to be involved by sponsoring a child check out their site! ABC HOME

I can't express how excited I am about our trip!  This Saturday Trenton and I will get our Travel Immunizations.  We have a huge praise.  Yesterday I was told how much we needed exactly for the shots.  I then prayed asking God to find a way - as I did not have the funds.  When I checked the mail I found a check in the exact dollar amount needed for the shots!  It was a payment from almost a year ago that had not found it's way to us until now.  Wow - God is amazing!

Just a reminder about the PEACE SKILLS TRAINING this Saturday at Saddleback.  If you are interested in going on a PEACE TRIP there are 17 modules to choose from!  

Check it out here:

Keep those prayers coming as we count down the days until we leave!
Thanks for being a part of our journey!