Monday, June 28, 2010

Journey of Emotions

Grandma Daisy

What a Journey down the path of {EMOTIONS} this past week has been.  In just 7 days I have experienced every emotion known to man.  I guess the Lord is making sure I am prepared for the Mission ahead.  In just 10 days Trenton and I will depart the United States bound for Africa.  I can't believe the time is almost here.

Last Saturday Grandma Daisy suffered a stroke. {fear, anxiety, worry}  It was sudden and I can't say that I am ever prepared to lose someone I love.  She hung on for 4 days which gave us all a time to say goodbye. {sadness, regret, apprehension}   It was very emotional.  We were given the opportunity to share with each other, cry and pray.  We spent time with friends and loved ones that we hardly ever get to spend time with.  I was afforded the opportunity to talk to my little guys about death.

It was a busy week as it was the last week of school.  There were awards ceremonies to attend {pride}, end of the year field trips {enthusiasm}, last day of school parties and then Graduation on Wednesday {happiness}.  Trenton graduated from 8th Grade, Megan (my niece) and Kamille (Taylor's Girlfriend) Graduated from High School.  The next morning Grandma Daisy made her way to Heaven {sadness, grief}.  At times I feel that I move through life on auto-pilot.  Going and doing, saying and praying, plugging along. {optimistic}

Thursday Trenton and I received our Hepatitis Shots and I had a reaction.  I broke out in itchy hives and got really tired. {worried} Perhaps a culmination of the emotional week I had just had.  Taylor had a probation appointment and was not even drug tested.  I was baffled.  I am not sure what the purpose of "being on Formal Probation" is if they do not even see him but once a month and do not even test him!  {frustration, offended}

Friday morning we sent Team One off on the Road To Rwanda Mission.  It was wonderful to hug our friends who are going before us and send them off with a prayer.  {confidence, happiness, love}  I then got to spend the day celebrating Turner's 7th birthday early - as I will be in Africa on July 18th.  Chloe's friend Danyale got us tickets to Sea World.  It was a great diversion for Megan to also get away and have fun with us.  The 3 girls and I toted my 2 lil ones all around Sea World and we had a blast! {exhaustion, happiness}

Saturday night Taylor, Kamille, Trenton and Monique went to the Lake to see a concert.  Some choices  were made and my super mom intuition had kicked in.  I knew something was up with they all wanted to spend the night at Kamille's.  I put my foot down and insisted that I pick Trenton up.  I am glad I did.  Sadly I found out that my trust had been broken {disappointment, betrayal}.  Taylor is eligible to return to rehab July 3rd based on availability.  Pray that he gets in so that I will not worry while I am away {fear, gratitude}.

My husband has been down with the flu for several days and I am praying that I do not get it prior to leaving for our trip. {vulnerable, weakness}

Today is the start of a new week {apprehension}.  I have so much to get done and so much to purchase before we leave {astonished}.  I have no money to purchase all our necessities {trust} as I do not get paid on my photo orders until the day we leave! {resentment} I will just have to trust that God has it all under control.  

The Services for Grandma Daisy will be on Thursday and Friday.  Her viewing on Thursday night in Cypress at Forest Lawn and a Grave Side Burial on Friday morning.  We will celebrate her life with a Memorial Service at Saddleback Church at 11:30 am on Friday July 2nd in Tent 3 - with a Reception following at the Harmsen/Artiano Home.

Pray for us all during this EMOTIONAL JOURNEY.  

Matthew 11:28-30 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."