Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beyond you...

A bumble bee or "bungle bee" as Trevan calls them - that we took time to notice.

How often in life are you so wrapped up in YOU that you forget to notice the things and people that are beyond you?  Yesterday is gone forever, tomorrow may never come so today is all we really have.

I know that I spend a lot of time wondering, worrying and planning things that may or may not happen beyond today.  I have really learned a lot as I have gotten older and have been put through a few fires.  I still struggle though to enjoy the here and now from time to time.

Today on this warm 70 degree day in January I kicked off my shoes and went to get Turner from school barefoot.  Trevan went along happily leaving his shoes behind.  When my feet hit the soft green grass I stopped and took a moment.  I allowed myself to feel the coolness and damp soft grass beneath my feet.  If only for a moment...but I enjoyed that moment.  We got Turner from class and had him too kick off his shoes.  We then raced through the grass together laughing and giggling.  These are the moments that count.  Going beyond myself and sharing these moments with my kids.

I know people who are so self absorbed that they can't enjoy moments such as these.  They are so consumed with appearances, their status, their homes, etc.  It saddens me that people I know and care about can't take time to go beyond and enjoy life around them.  Not only is it richly rewarding and satisfying it is a stress buster!  I find when I take a deep breath and make an effort to "live life" as it comes I am fulfilled beyond measure.

God blesses us each day with hundreds of great blessings - how many do we take the time to really appreciate?

Tomorrow is a new day.  If it comes, take the time to go beyond YOU and drink in some of life's rich blessings - where ever and how ever they come!