Sunday, January 24, 2010

Own It!

Ryan age 2 photographed during Gabriel's Birthday Party (Gabriel is in Turner's Class)

You have gotta love 2 year olds.  This little man, Ryan captivated me during a Birthday Party that we attended today.  As you can see he was wearing his RAIN BOOTS and he was OWNING IT!  I loved his sense of style and his confidence.  It is so great to see the innocence and unspoiled pureness of a child's heart.

We all should take a lesson from kids.  Wear your rain boots on a sunny day.  March if you want to march, sing if you want to sing.  Dance like no one is watching and enjoy everything you do with a child's perspective.  I wish as a society we were all more accepting of those who are different.  Our world needs a large dose of tolerance!  We are all so different and God made us this way for a purpose.  Our differences make life interesting!  So, why is it that people spend so much time focusing on things that are "out of the box" and acting like that is such a bad thing?

Having 4 boys it is very clear how VERY different we all are.  Each one has things that they love and hate.  Some are so bold in their opinions and some keep it to themselves.

I wish with all my heart that my oldest could OWN his problems.  He is on a downward spiral and try as we may to help him see where he is headed - he won't see...or perhaps can't see.  As a parent watching your kids fall and not being able to pick them up is heartbreaking.  No matter their age - you want to swoop in and rescue them from the world - or from themselves.

Mental illness, brain injury, addiction.  These are all things that make up Taylor.  We have tried to help him time and again.  The lines are blurred as we deal with medical issues.  If he were just a rebellious teen we could take a harder line.  His mental state is a fragile one, combined with his issues with anger and his strong addictions, make it nearly impossible for us to know what to do to help him.

Pray.  I pray and pray.  I ask God to help us help him.  I know that he like the two year old above must OWN IT.  Sadly instead of rockin his rain boots and owning the world - Taylor has to own his addictions, inner demons and mental illness.  Hard things to swallow.  

I will keep you updated - tomorrow we need to make a move towards an intervention.  Taylor will end up dead or in jail if we don't.  So if you will...say a prayer for us, and for Taylor.  Pray for people to come into our lives who can finally make a difference and get through to our son, to help him and to heal him from this ugly disease of drug and alcohol addiction.