Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Organized...

Having been through a lot of ups and downs the past 2 years - I have come away with the innate desire to be organized. In my minds eye I envision a smartly decorated home with everything neatly tucked into boxes, bins, cubbies and totes. Getting my family to cooperate may be a different story!

Having no place to call home and leave my mark has taken a toll on me. I am really enjoying being able to decide what will occupy our new space and where it will have it's place. I love to decorate and create and I am looking forward to being able to craft again.

We were able to get the boys beds moved yesterday and a couple pieces of antique furniture that we kept. One we use as a TV stand and the other is a table that Stace's dad made us out of an old antique washtub. We need a truck to move our farm table and our queen mattress. Other than that - we just need to move out of the hotel, do a mountain of laundry and GET ORGANIZED!

Taylor is. He just is. I do not know what will happen with him one moment to the next. When I think of him my mind is swirled with uncertainty, fear, panic, love and pity. As a mother you want to have control - to organize their life. I want to MAKE him make the right choices that I know will impact his future. I can't do that. I am powerless. That breaks my heart.

So, today - we will go forth - move on - conquer our stuff - and GET ORGANIZED for our new life in a new space! I will make joy. I will make a space our HOME.

Look for photos to come soon! I can't wait to share our new "Cottage" with you!

desire to be ultra organized.