Monday, May 4, 2009

We all need a little help!

I am a big sister to 2 great brothers. My youngest brother Brent has blessed our family with the only girls - Bailee and Brynnie. I call one my "rosebud" and the other my "little bee". I have had such a wonderful time being a part of their lives and am sad that they live so far away. We all cherish the times we can spend together during holidays and summer vacation. My brother is a single dad trying to raise 4 kids on a shoestring. He has done a great job getting the kids involved in sports to help foster team building spirit and self confidence.

In years past it was never a problem for any of us to help the kids out with their fundraisers. Now that times are tough - it is so hard to watch their dreams dashed. Trenton has played football for the past 2 years and can't play this year due to our situation. It saddens me. So tonight when my little niece told me that she and her sister need to raise a total of $1700 for the 2 of them to participate in competive cheerleading I nearly fell over. That is like asking me for a million dollars!

I explained that Auntie did not have money right now, but that I would see what I could do to help them out. They are precious, sweet girls who have been through a lot of ups and downs with divorce ripping their little worlds apart at such a tender young age. I want the world for them, as I do for all my kids - and nephews.

So - that being said - if you feel that you can help with a small donation toward Bailee and Brynnies Cheerleading Fundraiser - I would be so - so grateful!

I have set up an easy to use PayPal Button below - just click and away you go!

We all need a little help sometimes...and after all we are better together!
So for my little Rosebud and Little Bee ... Auntie will see what she can do to help you!


If you wish to donate to the Alvarez Titan Cheerleading Fundraiser for Bailee and Brynne Bagley just click the button below: