Monday, May 11, 2009

Our New Home!

Soon to Move to Our New Home!

We are so blessed! We found a home to move in to! It is a small 2 bedroom apartment - but it will be a place to call ours! We are very excited. It is in a great area of Irvine and the schools are fantastic. They have a great Special Ed program for Turner. I am really looking forward to a fresh start for our family!

We had to get rid of all our things so we are truly starting out with nothing. It has been great having the gift cards from wonderful people to use to try to replace items that we need. We are going to have a neutral, relaxing color palette in greens, blues, cream, white and browns. I am going to have my "dream beach cottage" in Irvine! It's not the ocean - but the lake in very close and there are waterfalls and streams running through the property! Very relaxing! I will be using images that I have captured of the beach, my kids and nature to decorate our new "home".

I want it to be a relaxing, inviting oasis for my family to enjoy. I look forward to having friends and family come visit! We'll eventually get a BBQ so we can have you over for a burger! There are many huge parks nearby and even a skate park for Trenton! If you live close by you will have to come for a visit!

Today we will find out more about what will happen to Taylor - as of now we have no idea what is going on. Since he is a legal adult - they do not tell us anything. It is a bit frustrating as we need to make sure he gets into a rehab program. So pray for this situation and all that is to come. They told him he is no longer on a "hold" and that he is there voluntarily now. He said they are letting him go today...

Stace is at a workshop to get certification in Window and Door Flashing for his new job. It is going great and we have been very blessed that he was hired. I have been sick and was not able to work - and then Taylor's hospitalization - prevented me from working this weekend. I will miss those 2 paychecks. :o(

I will keep you up to date - and appreciate all your prayers and emails! Thank you for taking this journey with us!