Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's here....

Well "the SICKNESS" has hit our "suite". I worked last weekend at the hospital and also on Monday. Tuesday I started feeling a bit bad. By Wednesday I started getting it. The doctor could not see me until Friday and by then I had the worst sore throat of all mankind. I schlepped myself with both sprouts in tow to the doctor feeling like I had been hit by a mack truck. She did some throat swabbing that made me nearly yak and in a few minutes - told me to go home and take a Z-Pack. She did not think I had anything contagious - just a severe sinus infection - as opposed to an easygoing one. I came home loaded up on natural cellular defense, my essential daily nutrients, water, hot tea, theraflu, chloraseptic throat lozenges and hit the bed.

As women know - once mom gets sick all hell breaks loose. The kids were all out of sorts because MOM was LAYING DOWN. Strange sight - like an exhibit at the zoo. They kept crowding around the bed - saying "Look...she is sleeping..." "I think she is dead.."
Then they would poke me to see if I had a reaction. They then found every excuse under the sun to disturb my attempt at slumber. "MOM!...
MOM!! I think the remote control is lost - can you find it?" asks one. "MOM??? Mom - what are you doing? Why are you sleeping when the sun is out?" asks the other. "Hey MOM - can I be ungrounded and go to the skate park?" asks one of my TEENAGERS - oh the nerve - the gall - trying to hit me when I am down.

"NOOOOOO!" I squeak out. My throat swollen and killing me - my voice almost gone. I then raise up out from under the covers like a demon in a horror film. I muster the meanest, scrunchy yet stern face, crinkle up my eyes and with my hands gesture for them to all go away! I pointed to the sofa repeatedly and motioned for them to all scatter off my bed and leave me alone!

With utter shock and dismay my two little ones retreat to the sofa fighting as they go, over the remote control that miraculously appeared out of thin air. With an attitude my teen decided to retort by putting his 2 cents in and then attempting to wrestle the remote away from his 2 younger brothers. Screams fill the air and I pull the covers overhead.

As my luck would have it my husband came home telling me that he too felt badly. He said his body hurt and his head felt plugged up. By night fall - we had 2 little ones hacking along with mom and dad. Trenton so far has escaped "THE SICKNESS" - but I am sure it is only a matter of time...

We woke up today to everyone feeling out of sorts. The man I thought I married he'd turned into a creature overnight. He was coughing and carrying on over the fact that he was "sick" and "was dying"! He needed everyone to leave HIM alone...he needed rest. He proceeded to moan and groan - yell and snap - growl and howl all day long.
I do not know how long "the sickness" will take him over - but I hope it leave him soon - or I will.

Both lil guys are taking it in stride - Turner longing for his lost "blankie" more and more the worse he feels. We called the Urgent Care Center to take them in due to their asthma - and they told us - "good luck!" You can come on in - but there is a 6+ hour wait. No thanks. I do not wish to take all of us - hacking and coughing, running fevers and feeling like our eyeballs are on fire to a walk in clinic in Fountain Valley to sit with other sickos for 6+ hours. I'd rather poke myself with porcupine needles and spend another 69 days in labor...(well maybe that is pushing it!)

Soooo - we will go to the ER in the middle of the night if need be. I do not think we are dying of the swine flu - just the WHINE FLU.

It seems that when males get sick they morph into huge whiny monsters. Happy - Happy - Joy - Joy. It is my fate in life to be the leader of the WHINY HINEY Club...I get it - thanks God.
At least HE has a sense of humor!

Wish us a speedy recovery as I may just have to start taking them out one by one otherwise!