Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - a couple days late!

Trevan age 5

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The "sickness" infiltrated our Holiday Celebrations.  Everyone was dragging and sluggish on Thanksgiving and then lil Trevan announced at Grandma and Grandpa's that he really did not feel good.

We got him home and into bed - only to have him wake a few hours later with a high fever and a croupy cough.  He ended up in the ER the next day on his brother's birthday - sorry Trenton.

Seems the H1N1 has hit the Lindner home.  Trevan got a dose of the Tamiflu at the ER but our insurance did not cover the prescription which was $80.  The anti-nausea med was also a no-go.  Just our luck.  Taylor and Trenton also fell prey to the "sickness" - the only one semi-well is Stace.

So, we have all been sleep deprived and friends of the bathroom.  Not having a washer and dryer in my home any longer is really hard when the FLU hits.  Yuck is all I can say to that!

I had a couple photo shoots yesterday and after sleeping till almost noon today - I have been editing photos all day.  Not sleeping for 3 straight nights up with sick kids takes a toll on you!

I am pretty wiped out and wish we had another 5 day vacation.  Hopefully Turner is going to go back to school as he missed the past 2 weeks.  I hope Trenton does not have to miss school as he is already behind.

So - to back it up - We were very Thankful this Thanksgiving.  We were blessed by a family we do not even know and given a "peace of mind" for the Holidays.  This means more to us than anything!

I thank the Lord for all the Blessings He has bestowed upon us and pray that Trenton and I are able to get all the donation money we need to go to Rwanda.  I want the opportunity to do the work that God has for us and to "give back" for all that we have been given.

Off to edit more photos - here are a few from yesterday...