Monday, November 2, 2009

Going under -

I am going under!
Today I feel like that Hippo!  I feel like I am going under and may not come up for air!  I started the morning with an optimistic attitude only to have one door then another shut.  I am just boiling over with frustration and need to really get a grip.

We learned over the weekend that due to the "creative" way Stace's employer has been reporting his wages that Stace only qualifies for $171 a week in unemployment benefits - with a maximum of $2000.  WOW - that will not even begin to cover our rent!  So with hope I called this morning only to find that they are "experiencing unusually high call volume" and then the recording hangs up on you!

So I then call the Labor Board to experience a phone that rings and rings with no answer.  I perused website after website - called and listened to one recorded message then another - spending over an hour on the phone.

I then call the bank to attempt to stop an automatic payment due to come out on the 4th for Life Insurance that we can't afford only to find out that it will cost me $30 plus a host of red tape.  I then call the insurance agent and nearly break down crying begging her to do something to help!

So, here we are.  The first of another month.  A Monday - the start of a new week.  I feel like I am barely hanging on.  I am tired, so tired of this uphill battle.  I just do not know what to do any more - other than the standard.  I freak out, I pray, I relax then start the cycle again.

I think I may go out and appreciate some of the beauty in nature, become one with God and cast all my burdens yet again at His feet.  This is all I know to do, because I am not in control - He is.

Gotta keep telling myself that...
I pray you are having a wonderful start of November. 

For me - this means - RENT is DUE - BILLS are DUE - and I need a money TREE!!


I am so blessed to have friends to pray on our behalf...
I received this today and wanted to share.

"Dear Jesus,

Thank you that we have a father in Heaven to release our hurt, frustration, worry and pain to - thank you that we have a source of power, strength and wisdom to guide our lives.  

Lord, I lift up the Lindner family to you today and ask that you answer their prayers and give them your comfort during this time of uncertainty.  

Lord, I pray for Stace today – that he seek you with his whole mind, soul, and strength.  I pray that he look to you for answers and rest and peace.  Lord, show Stace the plan you have for him, the plan of prosperity not harm, and show him what he needs to do, even the smallest of steps to work the plan.  Lord, I pray that Stace let go of anything that hinders his relationship with you, that he is open to your leading and the changes you want to make in his life.  I pray that he turns over the pains and fears from the past and for the future so you can do what you do best.  

Lord, I pray for Janean, I pray she sense the encouragement that you offer.  Give her a discerning mind on what steps she needs to take to help better their circumstances.  I pray that she seek you in all she does and she continue to show her faith to her boys.  I pray her faith makes a positive impact on the rest of the family so everyone grows deeper with you Lord.  

Lord, I pray for Taylor, that he stay on the path to recovery.  Help him to fight his addiction and find the life that you have designed for him.  I pray you bless him with a job that gives him purpose and that you bring strong and positive influences into his life.  

I pray for Trenton today Lord and ask that you replace the frustration and worry in his heart with your perfect peace.  Help him to see that you are the way and that he needs to respond with obedience.  I pray that he re-focus on school and he bring up the grades that are low.  Help him to desire education for his future and to resist the ways of the world.  I pray that he find good friends, friends that know you Lord, so he can have a safe place to live out his faith.  

Lord, I pray for Turner and Trevie and they continue to find growth and friendship at school.  Thank you Lord that they are both responding to their new school and it is a place of learning and friends.  I pray Lord that they are healthy and strong and that you would continue to protect them physically.  

Lord, the Lindner’s need work, so it is my prayer today that a job would come.  They are all so gifted and talented, please show them where and how they are to use the gifts to impact your kingdom for good.  Please provide the funds they need to keep them covered during this season.  They really need answered prayers right now God so show them their part in working through this challenging time.  Keep them all healthy and full of faith and to be in a place of expecting your very best.  

They need you in a big way Lord…

In Jesus name…Amen

Love you all~~~


I am so blessed to have people like Amy in my life!