Monday, November 16, 2009

Tis the Season!

Isabella turns 4!! 
(this is my "Niece-in-law")
my brother's now ex-wife's brother's daughter - LOL!
We don't get technical - we just love everyone!

Tis the Season.  This is a busy time of year.  We have Trenton turning 14 on the 27th and Taylor turns 19 on December 14th.  We have other family members celebrating birthdays this time of year as well.  Celebrations.  Holidays.  Family.  A time to reflect and be thankful for what we have.  We may not have much - but we have each other!

Christmas is right around the corner and days are spent listening to the little ones getting excited at the promise that Santa may bring them a new toy.  Wishes...dreams.  I remember when I was a kid how exciting this time of the year was.

I do not really have many wishes or dreams these days.  Trying to make ends meet and the daily grind of groceries, laundry, homework and the like consumes me at times.  I am thankful that I have been able to do some portrait sessions and have photos to edit.  

I spent the day being productive and cuddling with my little Turner who was home sick today.  What more can I ask for?  His sweet little nose dotted with freckles.  His head covered with soft red hair.  I remember when he was just a baby.  Now he is so big.  One day before long he will not want to "cuddle" with mom.  He will not think I hung the moon.  For today I will enjoy the fact he still does!

It is wild how cold it has gotten the past couple of nights and then we are graced with the beautiful days in the high 70's.  Isn't California weather just great?!

I have the high hopes that I will get to start on my handmade Christmas Gifts for a few friends and family.  I pray that I can get a moment to work on them!  I also need to send out the letters for our Missions Trip.  Trenton and I have until January 10th to each get our 1st installment in of $500 each.  We will need lots of prayers on this!

I have been burning the pumpkin pie candle that I received as a gift all day and have been craving pumpkin pie!  Stace stopped at the store on the way home and he brought me pumpkin pie.  He was proud that he got a "Claim Jumper" pie - he just did not realize it was FROZEN and it needs to bake for 70 minutes!!  He even got whipped cream!  No instant gratification tonight - I will have to bake it tomorrow!  It was the thought that counts!

Tomorrow if Turner feels better he will return to school and I will work in Trevan's class.  He is really doing well in Kindergarten and he wants to write all the time.  He sounds out words and writes notes and puts them all over the apartment.  It is really cute!

He wrote today:
"Snta we ned a bigr hows.  It is to krowdd in her for a Kristms Tre."
(Santa we need a bigger house.  It is too crowded in here for a Christmas Tree.)

Adorable!  What more can I say!??

So, off to bed.  Tomorrow is another day!