Sunday, November 22, 2009


Image from yesterday's photo session with the Julian and Sprague Families

To sum it up it one word - UGG!
I have fallen prey to "the sickness".  Turner still has it - it has been a week.  Now my head feels like it is in a vice and my body feels as though I have run a marathon.  I have a cough that rocks my whole world and makes my head feel as if it will explode.


I hope to escape the sickness by the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I pray that it does not choose to "hang around" like an unwanted house guest.  I have things to do, people to photograph and a life to live!  Does "the sickness" not know I am a busy mom to four boys?  For goodness sake - move on sickness!

That being said - life still goes on.  When a mom is sick not much changes.  Kids still need food, they still need baths and help with homework.  They do not understand your lack of energy and they want to just keep on going full speed ahead.

Crankiness ensues and when the wheels of motherhood turn slowly people get cranky.  Kids get cranky and mama gets cranky.  This does not make for a very smooth running household!  Dad gets annoyed that mom is sick and the kids are cranky so then he too jumps on the band wagon.  Madness...sheer madness.  

Why is it when you are the MOM the Matriarch and you get sick - no one REALLY cares?  Yet when they fall ill it is expected that you wait on them hand and foot, cuddle and coddle and make the world all better?  No respect!  

Okay - I am done complaining now.  I am thankful that I am not in the hospital.  I am thankful for the bright sunny day and the fresh air coming in the windows!  I am thankful for great friends!  I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and eating yummy delicious foods.  

Say a little prayer for me...I am gonna need it at the rate I am going.  I think my kids have all lost their minds.  In the few minutes that it took to write this Trevan and Trenton got into a fight and all heck broke loose.  Why an almost 14 year old chooses to banter with a 5 year old - I will never understand!

Oh, how I long for the days when I use to go to work!  I need more photo shoots to get me out of the house!