Friday, November 6, 2009


Silence!  Ahhh the tranquility of silence.  Today I am ALONE in a silent home.  Taylor and Stace are in Court for Taylor's Hearing.  The other 3 boys are in school.  Ahhh the sound of the world going on around me is just heavenly.  I hear the birds singing and the hummm of my fridge.  That is it.  

I have had a tough time the past few days feeling lost.  I have not known what to do about our gloomy financial situation.  I have learned that sometimes God wants us to be silent.  He wants us to clear our minds and be still.  "Be still and know that I am God."  I admitted that my humanness gets the best of me and I try to "figure it all out".  Things are beyond my power and I am not in control.

God has shown me yet again that HE is almighty and he has us in the palm of His hand.  We were able to make rent.  We already have a head start on the rent for next month.  Friends old and new have helped put the word out that Stace and I need work.  I am very blessed that we have people in our lives that care.  Day by day...hour by hour.  Life is tough and getting tougher.  

I thank those of you who have lifted us up in prayer and have helped me along with encouragement and have let me "vent" my frustrations.  We are still dealing with unemployment (have yet to see a check) and the Labor Board.  S L O W are the wheels of justice.  Have heard nothing from Social Services either - it seems they are getting nit picky on every little detail.  Frustrations.  Life is full of them!

So today I sit in peace.  I thank the Lord for this time.  I pray that Stace and Taylor make out well in court.  It is all in God's hands.  I pray for my friend too, who has a court date today in regard to an estate matter.  Their financial future will be impacted by the decisions and I pray for a wonderful outcome for their family.

When I am down it makes me feel more useful to help others.  Here is something I learned about and hope you may want to help too...  This little guy will steal your heart - click on the link below to see a video of him!

Diana Harrison Biorkman has a 5-year-old son in his last stages of a 2 1/2 year battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. They are celebrating Christmas next weekend and Noah loves Christmas cards.Please take a minute to send a card to:

Noah Biorkman, 1141 Fountain View Circle, South, Lyon, MI 48178.

Snopes - Noah Biorkman 

Article and Video 

On a more fun note - I have a friend whose sister is trying to win a stroller and she is currently in 2nd place.  All you have to do is click the link and click VOTE next to her name...Heidi Joncas

It would be fun to help her win - take a minute and vote! :o)

So now I am off to enjoy my QUIET TIME and be still.  I am going to enjoy the peace for the next couple of hours - then I pick up Trevan and put back on my "mommy hat".

Make it a great day - the weather here is BEAUTIFUL!  I hope it is nice where you are!

May the peace of the Lord be with you today!