Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day - Kiss Someone You Love!

Today I wish you love, joy, peace and happiness.

I seemed to have let my mind get the best of me and allow my physical being to get run down. I had a pep talk today from a friend Eric. He is a life coach and his words are just what I needed to cultivate a new mental "farm" if you will.

I need to weed my soil, not focus on the wilted and dead plants and till the fresh earth and start anew. He helped me to understand that we need to clear the negative thoughts of the past away. We can not change them so why focus on them?

I am in control of my attitude and my future. I will not put time limits on myself and learn to live minute by minute. I am going to make time to quiet my mind. I will take joy in the simple things that I have always had a love for.

I love the clouds, I love the way the grass feels on my bare feet. I love the smell of a crisp spring day. I love taking photographs.

Why is is that we get so consumed with life and life's challenges that we forget to just "be"? BE truly IN the moment? Yes, circumstances suck. But Eric made me see that I need to relish in the fact that I am alive TODAY. I am breathing - I can kiss my kids. I can see beautiful things, hear beautiful sounds.

So...I am going to do my best to "un-focus" my mental state on the things beyond my control that are going on about me and conquer them with joy and appreciation for all that I DO have.

You will greatly appreciate Eric's views - I encourage you to check out his site. His family is truly a "ray of sunshine" - and I want to be just that! I want my joy and hopefulness to be contagious!

So Happy Valentine's Day - go forth and be joyful - find something simple - let chocolate melt on your tongue. Kiss your kids or someone you love and breathe them in - relish their smell and be filled with the emotion of love - after all that is what it is made for - our enjoyment!

Here is more on Eric...

His teachings can be found on his website:

Here is an entry from his blog on the 10th...

If you can imagine yourself in turmoil as many do, why not imagine yourself in pure joy. Why is it easier to feed from the negative things around you then live life in pure happiness? Every time negative thought pops into your head, write it on a chalk board in your mind. Visualize yourself writing on a big green board with white chalk.

Now very slowly see yourself erasing it from the board. Smell the chalk, feel your eyes water and almost sneeze. Do this over and over again until that feeling has been eased from your mind and then move on. There is so much joy available in the world, take that moment after the vision of the erased board is just a smeared splotch of white chalk, and find something that makes you smile.

i.e. Your kids, your wife, the beach, your favorite song, me…

(taken from website - writing of Eric Schmidt)