Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life is what you make of it...

I have learned though this trying process is that LIFE is what you MAKE of it...

While sorting and donating the kid's toys - they became very upset. I decided to make it a "fun adventure". For them I do not want this to be a loss - or a negative thing.

So I made a game of it - I let them decorate totes with their names, stickers and markers. We then would take 3 items at a time. One would go to a child who needs a toy more that them, the second got to come on the "Hotel Adventure" and the third would live at Grandma and Grandpa's House. I found that through this ritual it was teaching them that Life Is What You Make Of It... No one really wants to give up things that they treasure. But after all things are just things - they are all on loan from God.

You can make any situation into a positive if you just set your mind to it...

I am making effort to make this an adventure - no matter how sad I may feel at any point in time - I quickly dismiss the sadness and replace it with a positive thought.

I want to be a shining example to my friends and family - to show people that we can and do have control even if we feel we do not. It is a mindset - Life - is a mindset.

You can make Life suck - or you can make Life what you want... It is all up to you.

My situation is not the best - but I can make the best of my situation.

We have not gotten served yet - so each day is another that we have to donate items and pack.

Our "Adventure in living in the Hotel" will begin soon - and I will update you when we are out of the house.

Make it a great day - I am trying!