Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life is a Highway...'s 4:00 in the morning...and it looks like it's gonna be another sleepless night. I'm just sittin' here listening to the sound of my husband snoring above the sweet melodic dropping rain. I laid in bed for nearly an hour tossing and decided to come downstairs.

It is peaceful down here. I can actually hear the rhythmic drops of rain hitting something metal outside the window I have set up camp near. It is soothing coupled with the loud ticking of the kitchen clock.

My mind played with me as I attempted to slumber tonight.

Have you ever been on a highway anxious to reach a destination, and you were traveling at a higher rate of speed than you normally would? Somewhere in the back of your mind you figure - if I go just a bit faster - we'll arrive sooner. Afterall you are ONLY going 10 mph over the speed limit.

Then as you are concentrating on the traffic ahead wanting to still maintain your sleath plan of speed and efficiency you are trying to find that new favorite song on the radio. Your kids are in the back bickering and arguing and begging for you to pop in a DVD that you have only "heard" from the drivers seat a gillion times. As you are doing all these things at once your bluetooth rings in your ear. It is someone from work calling to talk about something that you have pushed out of your mind because you are supposed to be going on a vacation - an escape.

As all these things are going on you see some really cool billboards ahead. You are momentarily distracted as your inate curiousity WANTS to read each one as they come speeding past you. They one after the other become a blur...too many things going on in your mind to concentrate on reading a huge, cool billboard.

That was me tonight. As I attempted to sleep my mind was on a highway of it's own with billboards speeding past and no time to read them.

So I gave up...I pulled my car over and here I sit. Contemplating my day tomorrow - well actually today at work as I navigate my way through 2 hospitals and try to be cheery when I know I will be dog tired.

Frustration at it's finest.

Maybe I will drink some hot herbal tea - decaf of course, with just the right amount of Splenda and curl up here on the sofa and doze.

Maybe "cooling off my engine" by pulling off the road will be enough to lull my silly brain back into a peaceful slumber.

Wish me luck - cuz life is a highway and it's keeping me up...all night long!