Monday, April 20, 2009


Mama told me there would be days like this! Don't you wish that when the world gets too much to bear we can just put our hands over our ears and scream?!
Well - I guess we can - but that does not accomplish much!

The photo above is so typical of my two little guys Trevan age 4 and Turner age 5. They seem to fight more than anything. I have had more than my share of days where I felt like screaming!

When God chooses to "simplify" your life - often against your will - you wanna scream! After Taylor's accident, Stace's accident, losing our home, and living in one room with all these guys - I want to scream many days!! I have learned to replace that feeling by refocusing my attention on other things. I have learned a lot about "me" through this process and one of the things I keep coming back to is how much I love friendships. I know God made us relational and I think that it is easy when we have been hurt or let down by people we have cared about, to go inward.

People tend to become like turtles and go inside their shells. Withdrawing from friendships, curling up and not letting others help them along. I have been so blessed to have had so many people care and share with me through this journey. I am sad that Taylor was injured and also sad that Stace was hurt. It was painful to watch and live through. Losing our home and basically giving all that we had away was also not easy. But I think the lessons learned and the personal growth that has come is so valuable.

I have learned to have no expectations - and feel sad for those who live expecting so much from the world and people around them. Once you come to the place where you know that only YOU can make YOU happy - your life is so much easier!

I have really come to have a strong disliking for negative people who have nothing better to do with their time than to spew negativity about. What a waste of a person's life!

I have said it before and I will say it once more - FIND the JOY in each is there for the taking - all you have to do is look for it!!

Now... off to be productive and find some nuggets of joy in my day!