Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So Tired!

Oh...sleep!? Sleep is so wonderful. I am tired. I look forward to going to sleep tonight. It is great to have things to look forward to. I know that the fine art of "moving" is an art that I do not wish to engage in. Sadly I know we will have to move a time or two more. I spent the majority of the day moving the belongings that we have left from one room to another. Praise the Lord that we are now all moved into a larger space! The Ayre's Suites has been SO good to us and we are so thankful that they are letting us stay here!

I am so happy to have a bit more room to roam about and not have to share a bed with 2 other people! Trenton is overjoyed to have a bed all to himself now. It was really wearing on this 13 year old to share a bed with his 4 year old bother who kicks and squirms all night long!

Today little Trevan got his big toe sliced under the big heavy door to the hotel room. He went to pull the heavy door open with all his might and it sliced the tip of his toe and ripped his nail almost completely off. I was pretty queasy - almost passed out. There was a lot of blood and a lot of screaming. I went into "mommy mode" after having my FIRST thought - which was to call my mom. Then I realized that she would only come and pass out too. Then I thought I'll call Stace. Oh no! He would surely pass out! So mommy kicked it up a notch and took care of her baby.

I have him all bandaged and will follow up with the doctor. As it is - he has a sore throat and a bit of a fever as do I. Oink - Oink? I highly doubt it is the SWINE FLU! That is all we would need! I have not been to Mexico or handled any piggies lately - but have cleaned up after my boys who act like lil pigs at times!

Sooo if you are looking for us - we are now in room 329, at the Ayre's Suites. I am dreaming of my blissful nights sleep after a long hot bubble bath!

Until tomorrow... I am off to see what is for dinner!