Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a day!


Ever have one of those days?

I am sure you have. Today - I had one.

I arose with visions of grandeur. I had a "to do" list a mile long and just knew in my feeble mind that I would be successful at at least accomplishing HALF of them.

I started my list making - answering emails - reviewing text messages - and things were clicking right along. Trenton was up ON TIME for once - showering and getting ready for school. He went down to get me coffee and I was off to a great start. We loaded the 2 sprouts in the van and off to school we went - getting Trenton there just in time.

I came back to the hotel room - determined to start on some of my "projects". I got my "office" all set up on my bed. Then...Trevan decided that HE would prepare breakfast for he and his brother unbeknownst to me.

Now how he started doing all of this as we are in a 400 sq ft room without my taking note - I'll never know. He opened a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch - took the plastic bag containing approximately 1253 individual pieces of cereal and in one mighty pull he proceeded to open the plastic wrapper while at least 1153 pieces flew all over the immediate area in which he was standing. He let out a yell as did Turner. I looked just as I saw it raining Cinnamon Toast Crunch all over the bed and the floor. As you can imagine - I was less than thrilled.

As I was in the midst of cleaning it all up - Taylor calls wanting me to pick him up so he could come here and apply for jobs online. I explained that I was in the midst of a mess and that I had no intentions for leaving at that very moment. He has a very hard time being patient. He expressed a bit of displeasure as we ended our call.

As I then prepared to bathe the little guys so that I could get Turner off to school, I noticed that I could not find a single pair of clean undies for them. I grew increasingly frustrated by the mound of laundry that is reproducing in the corner. I decided that with 6 people in one room - we should get a petition to all go back to wearing fig leaves or loin cloths! I NEVER have cash to change into quarters for the laundry machines - so it seems that the clothes pile is taking on a life of it's own.

I found clothing for them to wear bathed them then dressed them. As we brushed their teeth Treven filled a glass way too full tripped getting off the step stool and literally threw water all over me and the marble floor! So that no one would slip and break a bone I quickly mobilized the "drying task force". Turner and I wiped the floor as Trevan perched vicariously upon his step stool growing impatient.

As we were rushing out to get Turner off to school, Taylor called and wanted me to pick him up.
He wanted to apply for more jobs online (with my help) today. I quickly got the kids into the van, noticing that I forgot my cell phone. I took 3 flights of stairs two at a time - thinking this was at least some good exercise for the day.

I retreived my cell phone and headed back down the stairwell only to trip and almost knock myself out - I'll take the elevator for sure next time!

We got Turner off to school, picked Taylor up and then rushed off to get Trenton as he had a minimum day. Trevan was starving and just going on and on wanting "just a little bit of chicken nuggets". I had time to kill so I drove through Burger King.

We have only eaten out since living in the hotel - at places in which we have a gift card or gift certificate. Well, today we had nothing for Burger King. I placed my order and handed the man at the window my debit card. He looked at me in awe and said - "DECLINED". I sat in shock and dismay. How could my debit card get DECLINED for a single order of chicken nuggets?! I told him there must be a mistake and he ran it again - "NO! DECLINED..." he said once again.

Scrambling through the van to scope out any spare change that my be hiding under a floor mat, in the crack or crevice here or there - I was not able to scrape up enough for chicken nuggets!
Explaining this to a 4 year old with a "growlie tummy" did not bode well.

We then sat in the "line" to get Trenton. Taylor and Trevan growing more impatient by each passing moment. I do not know why the Lord skimped on the patience gene when it came to the boys in my clan! Trying to pacify them my stress mounted.

"What are we gonna eat for lunch?!" Trevan asked. "Is Trenton out YET?!" he griped from behind my seat. "WHERE the heck is he?" grumbled Taylor.

I tried to explain that we were a bit early - and this required them to just "chill out" for a few.

Trenton eventually came sauntering up to the van a good 15 minutes after school let out. He was talking and hanging with friends and just did not see the need for expiedience. I would have been able to call his cell phone - but he does not have one!

We then headed to the bank to see what state my account was in - and as was attempting to pull into a spot someone chose to speed in front of me and cut me off. Lovely - I muttered under my breath. Trevan yells from the back "Damn Guy!" I found a parking space and tried to explain to my 4 year old that talking in that fashion was NOT acceptable. He argued that TAYLOR says bad words so why can't he?

I went to the machine to insert my debit card to do a balance inqury only to find the machine - Temporarily Out Of Service. Can things get much easier?! Just then I felt a thud on my head. I was a bit stunned - not sure what had just landed on me. I then felt a warm sensation and as I looked up there was a rather meaty pigeon pearched on the light fixture above me. He had decided that at that very moment he could no longer take his intestinal fortitude and chose to release his movement on my head! WOW...

I did my inqury - retreated to the van only to find not one single wipe, napkin or spare anything to wipe the pigeon poop from my hair!

We headed to the hotel. I went upstairs using the elevator as to not injure myself. I cleaned my pigeon poo, grabbed the EBT card so we could go to the grocery store and get some food that we could make for lunch.

With 3 of my 4 boys in tow we hit the store. This one wanted this - that one wanted that. Whatever - I told them we could only get food that we can consume that very moment as we do not have freezer or fridge space. By this point I was growing very hungry as I had not eaten dinner the night before or breakfast this morning. I wanted to grab some things and get "home" to eat.

We checked out - and then Taylor hits me with - "Can you drive me to a friends house - after you take me to Nikki's so I can drop my food off at her house?" I lost it - "NO - NO - NO!" I lashed out and told him that I have a ton to get accomplished - I work the next 3 days at the hospital and only have an hour before I needed to pick up Turner. He is my child that has never liked the word NO. I knew as soon as the words slipped from my lips I was in for a battle royale.

He and I proceeded to banter back and forth as I drove quickly to the AIM Mail Center in the same parking lot. This is where our PO Box is located. I was waiting for a check to come and prayed that it was there so I could get my bank ledger back into the black.

I looked for the keys to my mailbox and sure enough they were in my other car. Hassle. What a hassle.

I decided to just get back and get these kids fed. Taylor proceeded to argue with me and I could not take another minute. I pulled over - and told him to "Get OUT!" - I was going to make him walk. Afterall he is 18 - the big adult. He got out and slammed the door. I got us "home" just as the sweet cleaning lady was coming in to clean our room.

I always "clean" before she cleans. We stashed our groceries in the hall and I made like the tasmanian devil. I swept through the room picking up toys, blankies, laundry - etc.

We waited for her to clean - ate our frozen foods - then headed BACK to the van to pick up Turner. As I was getting in the van Stace called to ask why his debit card was declined at the DMV. He was attempting to get his CA License and Jeep Renewed. He was there NOW and needed to be able to pay NOW. I went up to the room and got a check that I had been saving to put toward our "new place fund". I told him to hold tight since I was now going to be late getting Turner! We got to the school without a speeding ticket. Since I looked less than desirable I sent Trenton up to get him.

All the kids came out - but NO Turner. I was growing more worried when I saw him finally emerge. He had been on the playground, hiding under a slide and had refused to come into the classroom. He was upset and would not tell me why. As he got into his seat crying and carrying on I made my way BACK to the bank.

I arrived and realized that I had left my purse with the debit card in it in the hotel room!! I had to go in - looking a total mess - pigeon poop residue in my hair and to make matters worse I was BAREFOOT! I looked like one of the Beverly Hillbillies hitting the Credit Union in the O.C.!

Oh yes, people stared at me. I smiled back. I made my deposit and the woman asked if she could do anything else to serve me today. I touted back - "You can get me a babysitter, treat me to a day at the spa, buy me airline tickets to somewhere tropical and tell my husband I'll send him a postcard!" At least the people staring in the bank got a laugh!

Exhausted I made it back to the hotel. I started to finally do my "work". I grew increasingly sleepy and started nodding off in my holel office that happens to be in a King Size Bed. I was fighting back the sleep when I told the boys - I am gonna lay my head down for a 20 minute cat nap.

I had fully intended to take a power nap - drink some coffee and shower - all before dinner.
Stace came in - saw me asleep and took the kids down to the dinner room. My 20 minute nap lasted 2 hours...that is why I am now up at 12:30am! At least I am getting my work accomplished as I listen to the hummmm of the air conditioner, the snoring of my husband and the sound of HGTV. The only bad part is I need the light on - and it keeps waking "the others".

I think I am off to take a hot shower - brush my teeth and pray that tomorrow will not be "ONE OF THOSE DAYS!"

Calgon ----- Take Me Away!

...Just Janean