Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am so honored to have people actually interested in me and my life lately. First the OC Register, now the LA Times. I have started to write a book that is a culmination of my creative portraiture and my thoughts. It will be titled: PERSPICUOUSLY
Watch for my book launch! I'll keep you posted!

I was sent an email today from a writer that read about my desire to write a book. She asked me some thought provoking questions in an effort to get to know me better.

Here were the questions she asked, I thought I would share...

Who do you feel you really are?
I feel that I am no better or worse than anyone else. I feel I am a kind, sensitive individual and hate to see others in pain or suffering.

How you you changed from the person you were 20 years ago?
I have become stronger, confident in who I am, less jealous, less possessive, more honest, more compassionate. Most importantly I feel that I am more beautiful on the inside.

Has your outlook on people in general changed for the better or for worse in these trying times?
I have been blessed by strangers, friends and loved ones. Far more kindhearted souls than negative mean individuals. The sad mean people I come across I feel sorry for and pray that they will find their way to happiness.

What is your greatest source of strength that you draw from?
My greatest source of strength is my relationship with the Lord. I have a great faith that he will not leave me or forsake me. He abundantly blesses all of us in HIS time.

Do you pray? If so, where and when? What do you pray for?
I pray all day. I love to pray on the way to work, alone in my car or in the shower. I mostly thank the Lord for the blessings and simple beauty that I see in nature. I ask for protection and direction.

How have the challenges you have faced change you for the worse?
I have become more cautious and have learned to build walls around my heart for protection.

How have the challenges changed you for the better?
I have learned what being humbled means. I have learned to find pleasure in simple things in life and to live without expectations - therefor there will be no disappointment.

How do you define a "true friend"?
A true friend is one who loves you for who you are, offers support in many ways, listens when you need them to listen and has compassion for you. A true friend can see and read your heart, and know how to comfort you when you need it most.

Since losing your "home" what is the one material personal possession you miss?
Silly as it seems - I miss my soft fuzzy warm robe! I had to donate so much and my robe got donated - I miss it!!

What is a modern convenience that you wish you did not have to go without?
TIVO - having a DVR was sheer heaven to our family! We loved being able to tape shows, pause and fast forward commercials!

Describe your life with 5 words.
Blessed. challenging, character building, loving

Describe yourself with 5 words.
Passionate, Resilient, Strong, Caring, Humble

If you had one wish - even a selfish wish what would it be?
I love to have fun! I would want to make a memory by going on a trip with many friends and loved ones. I would love to laugh and enjoy a good time with friends old and new. I cherish time spent with those I care about - after all we only live once!