Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tickled Pink

Today we moved.

We moved down the hall from room 309 to 306. Every month or so the hotel deep cleans the rooms to maintain their high standards. I will tell you that this move was a breeze compared to moving from our home!

It was kind of fun actually - we can set up a new camp in a new room. This room is the same - just laid out a bit different and has a BONUS! I was so tickled pink when I saw it had a jacuzzi bath tub!

I told you simple things make me the happiest and holy tomato sauce - I love jacuzzi tubs! I can't wait tonight to lock EVERYONE out and take a nice hot bubble bath!

Speaking of being tickled pink - we have BIG NEWS here at the Lindner Suite. Turner discovered that he has his very own honest to goodness first wiggly tooth!

He is due to lose his first baby tooth any day now and he is just so overjoyed. He is so worried that he will swallow it. We tried to tell him it would be okay but he remembered the story of his big brother Trenton swallowing his first wiggly tooth when he was eating pizza.

Curious little Trevan of course has to flood you with 1001 questions like "where does the tooth fairy live?" "how old is she?" "how can she get in our room without a room key?" "does she really fly?" "are her wings attached to her back or does she take them on and off?" "what color hair does she have?" "how tall is she?" "what is her REAL name?" and on and on...

Oh - the simple things in life - jacuzzi bath tubs and wiggly teeth - I am content - I am happy - I am tickled pink!