Monday, June 22, 2009

Silver Linings...

Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining in the dark clouds. Today I was able to see one! I have a new friend! Rachel saw our article and started reading my blog. She decided to call me when Taylor got bad and offer me her support. She had called the Journey Christian Rehab Center first and also thought that they were a good "fit" for Taylor's rehabilitation. She was excited to call me and offer me that lead.

We spoke on the phone at length and today talked many times. We have so much in common. We decided to meet at McDonald's with the boys so we could talk in person and let the kids play rather than attempt to have a phone conversation interrupted by 3 little boys!

I had been on the phone most of the morning with helplines, church members, hospitals, social workers, rehab centers, doctors, Rachel and Aimee. I had sent and received a ton of emails after I awoke at 5 am with a call from the hospital with a report on Taylor. I had Tony writing letters for me and Aimee and Rachel were making phone calls. Thanks guys for all the leg work and help! Oh, and thanks ERIC - you always have a "fun idea" even in the gloomy times! You rock!

Being that Taylor is 18 - and with the HIPAA Laws I found it hard to find out information on where he was going. I finally learned that he was transferred from Mission Hospital to UCI Medical Center today. We are not sure of the "plan" as of yet. He sounds as if he has hit rock bottom, Stace reported when he spoke to him tonight.
I was emotionally spent and needed a break.

We met Rachel, Lexi and Mason at McDonald's at a little after 2pm. We let the kids play and play and play - as we talked and talked and talked. They are so excited to collect the Ice Age 3 movie toys! Antonio the manager told us he actually had all of the toys and offered to fetch the ones the kids wanted most! Oh - the simple pleasures - they were thrilled!!

We let the boys play and lost track of time - before we knew it we had set a world record play date at McD's! We realized it was past 7pm and the boys were still having a blast playing!

Not only did we eat lunch there we had dinner too! Good thing I get full on fruit and yogurt parfaits! I am a cheap date! We met Don, Rachel's hubby as he joined in on the fun.

We played and talked until 10:30 pm!!! We had been at McDonald's for 8 and a half hours!! Unbelievable that the boys had SO much fun - no fights - no melt downs! So much better and a heck of a lot cheaper than a day at Disneyland!

So, had the storm clouds not have come - I may not have met Rachel and Don.
Our families are so similar in situation, kids and likenesses - we were meant to be friends! The fact our kids were fast friends is just the biggest blessing of all. Not only do these mommies have so much in common - the kids are all in the same age range! Their Mason is 4, My Trevan is 4 and Turner is 5! Their Anthony is 17, My Taylor 18!
Their Lexi is 15 and My Trenton is 13!

Watching our kids have SO much fun - for next to nothing brought us joy! We enjoyed fellowship and a cheap meal, coffee and ice cream! My life was falling apart yesterday, last night and this morning - with the dark clouds looming overhead like a dense fog.

Today I found the silver lining in Rachel, Don, Lexi and Mason! I look forward to meeting Anthony and know that we will be life long friends! Oh, did I mention that Don and Stace are in the same line of work? They even look a bit alike! They both have spiky hair - said Trevan!!

Thanks guys for taking my mind off of all the "crap" and enjoying a fun day and evening with us!

Can't wait till the movie Ice Age 3 comes out - it's a date for sure! (remember I have coupons!)

Blessings -