Monday, June 29, 2009

A Break

Hannah and Mama - Dawn
My Brood - Turner, nephew Blaine, Trevan, niece Bailee, niece Brynnie
Sweet Kenny chasing Bubbles...

TWINS Hannah and Kenny Turn THREE!

I am so thankful that this time has come. Each summer I have the pleasure of hosting my nieces and nephews. This year Brenton stayed back due to football and summer school - so Trenton went up to see him. The other 3 came down to see family. This week is my week to have them. It could not have come at a better time as my emotional state has been so weakened with dealing with Taylor each waking moment. I am taking a break from all that madness and enjoying my little boys and their bonding with their cousins.

Yesterday although I was exhausted we went to Poway to celebrate my friend, Dawn's twins Birthday. Hannah and Kenny - the most adorable twins I know! My kids and their cousins had a wonderful time and we captured lots of the fun with 3 cameras! Bailee and Blaine helped me take photos and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the kids. I did not talk much to the adults and am sorry if I was antisocial - I was just so drawn to Kenny and Hannah and enjoying them as they soaked in their day. It was so very sweet and it was pleasure in the most innocent form. It ministered to my soul. It was so refreshing - like nectar to a hummingbird. Thanks Dawn for having us!

We came home and the kids let me nap for one hour. I then took them to the pool and they had a blast experimenting with the underwater camera that was a gift from the FUJI Corporation. I relaxed and watched them frolic in the pool while Stace went to see Taylor at the hospital.

The hospital that Taylor is at is not very nice. He wishes he could be transferred back to UCI as he felt he got more help there with counseling and the doctor was more attentive to his needs. I do not know how to go about that. He is due to be released tomorrow and we will be back to square one with what to do next. I just can't think of all that at this moment - it is overwhelming to me.

I am going to drink some coffee and plan the now - today - with these precious kids that are here soaking up my love. Pray that the situation with Taylor can work its self out and that someone other than me can come up with a solution. Today ... is my now. We will go to the park, play and enjoy the smiles and laughter of the five kids in my presence.

Please pray for us all - and that Taylor will see that he needs to go into residential rehab.