Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's here... Halloween. Then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas!

My lil Transformers...

Well can you believe that it is already Halloween?  Next Thanksgiving then Christmas.  We will be into a New Year before you know it!  As I sit here watching the news - hearing the "germ warnings" in regard to Halloween Candy I am just amazed at how life gets more and more complicated by each passing day!  When I was a kid I could set off in my handcrafted costume with my little brothers and a handful of neighborhood kids and we could trick or treat without fear.  We got things like homemade caramel apples, bags of cookies or fruit mixed in with the sugary treats.  Now they are telling us to wipe down each piece of our kids candy with an antibacterial wipe to disinfect each piece in the event that the handler may have swine flu!  We can't let them go alone and in this day in age if you get anything handmade you toss it out for fear it is poisoned!  The world we live in - aint it grand?!

We don't have much news here on the Lindner front.  Stace still has not found a new job.  We got a notice from unemployment that he can collect $171 a week with a max of $2000.  This is due to the fact that his crooked employer does not report his earnings correctly.  SO now we have the laborious task of going to the Labor Board to file a report and try to see that justice is done.  

We are still $450 short on our rent - due tomorrow.  We have until the 4th before it is late.  Bills are due and our spirits are neutral.  We try to remain hopeful.  Stace is bidding a side job this morning on the recommendation from my friend Irene.  My brother's friend from High School who reconnected with us via Facebook has work he needs done up north.  Each of these blessings are a step closer to closing the rent deficit gap!  For that we are thankful!  

My heart is saddened to know that many other people are in our same situation.  My brother who is a single dad to my four nieces and nephews stands to lose his job.  He is already struggling to make ends meet and feels such defeat.  I want to help him so badly and do not know how.  He made $50 too much to get food from his local food pantry.  He makes "just a little too much" to qualify for a discount on his utilities and to qualify for food stamps.  Amazing.  We have programs in place to help but people can't qualify.  If you have no job - the maximum benefit you get for a family of 6 is $900 a month in cash aid.  Not bad...BUT how do you LIVE on $900 a month with 6 people?  Rental assistance agencies have a 72 month wait list!  Our rent is one of the lowest at $1550 in Orange County.  Yes, I know we could move to an impoverished area.  But our safety and the education for our kids is something we don't want to compromise on.  It's easy for people to "tell us" where to move...but ask yourself - "WOULD YOU?"  We want to be near our church, our friends and family.  After losing so much - It is all we have left.

Turner decided today that it would be great if he could call the NEWS and ask them to declare a "FREE DAY" where everyone in the world could get something FREE.  He would get a FREE PIZZA and a FREE VIDEO GAME SYSTEM.  Gotta love the little mind of a six year old!  

I have been fighting off getting sick.  I will undoubtedly get the "ick" at some point but I will fight it each step of the way!

Off to feed my kids - and find out where my "adult child" is.  He went to Kamille's yesterday and never called, or came home last night.  Not like him.  We are worried.  BUT I will remain hopeful and chalk it up to mindless teenage actions.  Kamille's cell phone is off - and I left a message at her house.  As a mom we can't help but's our job!

Have a SAFE Halloween and be sure to DISINFECT your candy wrappers!